Samsung Galaxy S5 To Feature A Carbon Fibre Finish

Samsung Galaxy S4 Front 400x250 Samsung Galaxy S5 To Feature A Carbon Fibre Finish

Samsung recently? purchased half the shares of the SGL Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of carbon-based products. The acquisition of the carbon based products manufacturer’s shares suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S5 might have a carbon fibre design.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was very criticized a lot for its plastic construction and that may be the reason why the Korean company decided to make a partnership with a carbon fibre manufacturer. This partnership means that we can expect Samsung’s future devices to have a better construction than the previous ones.

Due to this partnership, the carbon fibre experts will be renamed as Samsung SGL Carbon Composite Materials and the partnership, according to Samsung, will ?position Samsung as a leading player in the development and application of carbon fibre-based products“.

A statement made by the two companies mentions that the partnership will benefit both companies as carbon fiber will be used in a wide variety of Samsung devices: “The cooperation is expected to provide a stable long-term supply of carbon fibre materials for Samsung and promote its use in various Samsung products and applications such as consumer electronics, medical devices and engineering applications“.

Some recent rumors hinted that Samsung Galaxy S5 will be launched next year. The same rumors indicated that it will also be launched with a metal body similar to the iPhone 5 and the HTC One. However, the recently announced acquisition the SGL Group strongly indicates that next year’s Samsung Galaxy S5 will not have a metal body; instead, it will most likely feature a carbon fibre design such as the one that decorates the Motorola Razr i.

Yoosung Chung, President and CEO of Samsung Petrochemical mentioned that “Lightweight materials have become an important factor not only in industrial applications but also the consumer end markets such as digital media“. He also talked about the advantages that this partnership will bring to both Samsung and the the SGL Group, as many Samsung devices will make use of carbon fibre: “This partnership will position Samsung as a leading player in the development and application of carbon fibre-based products?.

Many of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers (and Samsung competitors) suggested that Samsung’s decision to opt for a low quality material, such as plastic, when making the Samsung Galaxy S4, was a mistake. Despite all the criticism, Samsung officials tried to explain their decision of using plastic in the Galaxy S4’s design, saying that the using plastic allowed the company to manufacture the Galaxy S4 quicker, easier and in a more efficient way.

In an interview for Trusted Reviews, Nick Woodley, Head of ID Design for Huawei, declared: ?I would say the plastic build of the Samsung Galaxy S4 was a mistake yes?. He then continued: ?If you start with plastic and paint it to look like metal initially it will look ok but a week later when you have dinged it and the paint has fallen off, the secret is out and people start to feel cheated […] I think the more honest you can build into these things the better people perceive it and I think that is probably what?s gone wrong there with Samsung, people will be thinking ?hang on I?ve just paid a lot of money for this and that?s not real metal?.