iPad Air

Apple Sent Out Invites to the March 9 Presentation

Apple Sent Out Invites to the March 9 Presentation

Apple has sent out journalists and press members official invites to the press conference dealing with Apple Watch. The event is held on March 9 and broadcast live. Traditionally, Apple [...]

The Crux Monaco and Crux Manhattan will Turn the iPad Air 2 into a MacBook Air

The Crux Monaco and Crux Manhattan will Turn the iPad Air 2 into a MacBook Air

It is commonly known that the key difference between a laptop and a tablet is its functionality. The former is mostly used for content creation, while the tablet and the iPad in particu [...]

iPad Pro

13-inch iPad Pro will be Released by the End of the Year

The latest news on this tablet – 12.9-inch iPad Pro – dates back to May of this year. Since then, there?s been no new information the media until now. GforGames resource, re [...]

Wired Tablet Keyboard with Stand

Belkin Presented a Keyboard with Stand for iPad Air and iPad mini

Belkin has announced a new iPad accessory. The device is called Wired Tablet Keyboard with Stand and can be connected to a tablet via a cable. According to the manufacturer, full-size k [...]

iOgrapher Case for iPad

The iOgrapher Case for iPad Will Help Shoot High Quality Videos

The Photojojo company has released iOgrapher iPad Video Rig, a case for iPad tablets which transforms the device into a handy video shooting tool. iOgrapher is made ??of polycarbonate a [...]

Gamevice Wikipad

Wikipad Announced a Removable Game Controller for iPad Mini

Apparently, Wikipad has a strategic plan aimed at making all of us play mobile games pressing the buttons rather than touching the screen. After the release of Wikipad, a gaming tablet, [...]

Next Generation iPad Air

Next Generation iPad Air: A8 Processor and 8-Megapixel Camera

According to some network sources, the manufacturing of displays for the next generation Apple iPad Air tablets will have begun by the end of June. The new mini-computers are expected t [...]

MultiWindow Mode For iPad

Developer Demonstrated How MultiWindow Mode Works For iPad On iOS 8

Steven Thornton-Smith, a developer who discovered the support of multiwindow mode for Apple tablets in the code of the first beta version of iOS 8, recorded a demo video of this feature [...]

Samsung tablets

Samsung Reduces the Gap with Apple in the Tablet Market

The share of Samsung Electronics in the global tablet market has reached a record level, which allowed the South Korean corporation to reduce the gap from the leader, the Apple. This is [...]

Android-tablets had twice more devices sold than the iPad

Android-Tablets did Two Times Better than the iPad in the Worldwide Sales in the First Quarter

The global sales of the Android-tablets had twice more devices sold than the iPad in the first quarter of 2014, stated the message of the Strategy Analytics analyst company. 57.6 millio [...]


iMoveCharger: External Battery for iPhone and iPad with Integrated Kinetic Charging

One of the problems challenging a modern person is the necessity to charge electronic gadgets all the time. External batteries can certainly add a few hours of live for an iPhone and an [...]


Every Third Tablet in the Market is the iPad

The experts from the Strategy Analytics company analyzed the global tablets market. According to their findings, the volumes of iPad shipments in the first quarter of the 2014th grew by 19% as compared to the same period of the 2013th, and every third tablet in the market is the iPad. [...]


Apple Has Patented an Android-Inspired Gestures Unlock System

Apple has submitted two patent applications recently announced by the Patent and Trademark Office. These describe iPhone and iPad gestures based unlock technique. The system is more adv [...]


iPad 6 To Feature 12.9 Inch Display

Rumors about a bigger iPad resurfaced at the beginning of this month when a Chinese website claimed that Apple has a new iPad in the works and the company will release it next year, with Foxconn (a Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturing) being hard at work in the r [...]


We Help You Decide Which Of The New iPads Is Right For You

More than a month after the official unveiling of the new iPad models (the fifth generation main iPad and the second generation iPad mini with Retina display) on October 22nd, they are [...]

iPad Mini 2 Specs

Retina iPad mini To Be Released On November 22nd

The iPad Air was just released at the beginning of November and it keeps being the center of attention, but all that is going to change in the coming weeks as the second generation iPad mini (with a Retina display and a new System on Chip) will be released. As everybody knows by now, [...]


Best Deals For Your Old iPad

As we informed you not long ago, Apple confirmed the rumors that claimed the Cupertino based giant will hold an iPad media event this month, on October 22nd. Knowing that new iPad models will be unveiled in about three days, it is time for some of you to trade your older iPad model in [...]


The 13 Inch iPad To Replace The Mac

We just told you about Apple’s upcoming media event at the end of this month (on October 22nd), when the company will unveil the fifth generation iPad and the second generation iPad mini. However, while the fifth generation iPad will most likely be released with the same 9.7 inc [...]


New iPad 5 And iPad mini 2 Leaks

When talking about the next generation iPad tablets from Apple, we already saw a series of component leaks that offered a glimpse at the rumored design changes for the iPad mini 2 and the iPad 5. However, another, recent leak (that surfaced thanks to Australian blogger Sonny Dickson) [...]

iPad Mini Retina Display Release Date

The iPad mini 2 To Feature A Retina Display

The iPad mini 2 is rumored to be released this year and most users hope that it will address the current iPad mini’s biggest problem: the lack of a Retina display. After the rumors that Apple might use Samsung manufactured displays for its iPhone line, there are now rumors that [...]

iPad Mini Retina Display Release Date

iPad Mini with Retina Display Release Date Delayed Until 2014

The Mini version of the iPad tablet has impressed the public with its reduced weight and dimensions, doubled by a hardware platform that is still powerful to the date. Even though the i [...]


Google’s Nexus 7 2 vs. Apple’s iPad mini 2 vs. Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD 2

In 2012, we saw a very intense competition between three major companies (namely Apple, Google and Amazon) on the 7 inch tablet market. Each of these three companies launched a 7 inch t [...]


The iPhone 6 To Have A 4.8 Inch Display According To Analyst

Apple’s WWDC 2013 began two days ago and, as expected by most of us, there was nothing on the upcoming iPhone 6 presented at the conference. However, that does not stop rumors fro [...]

iPad Mini 2

iPad 5 and iPad mini 2’s Late Release Dates Upsetting Apple Customers

This year has been pretty dry when it comes to new Apple devices so it is absolutely normal that users are disappointed about the delay of Apple`s iPad 5 and iPad Mini2 tablets. Adding [...]

iPad Mini demand

iPad Mini Demand Falling, Bloomberg Explains Why

Even though the iPad Mini was seen as a successful product for Apple and it was capable of fighting the cheaper Nexus 7 rival, it seems that the demand for the 7.9-inch iOS powered tablet is starting to go down. The journalists at Bloomberg?covered the subject this week, saying that P [...]


Apple Might Include A Stylus In The iPad 5 And The iPad mini 2

If we are to consider the latest rumors, then the iPad mini 2 and the iPad 5 will have something in common with the Samsung Gaalaxy Note series of pahblets (a phablet is a device design [...]


Foxconn Will Not Manufacture The iPad 5 And The iPad mini 2

Cupertino based Apple will change the manufacturer of its next generation tablets the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini 2; at least part of the manufacturing process will be moved from Foxconn [...]


iPad mini Retina Panels To Be Mass Produced In June By LG Display

We recently presented an analyst’s report (the analyst being Ming-Chi Kuo) regarding a possible Retina display second generation iPad mini. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an iPad mini [...]


Analyst Suggests The iPad Mini 2 Might Appear At WWDC, Without A Retina Display

Many people consider the iPad mini to be the best iPad that Apple released. However they all agree upon the iPad mini’s biggest flaw: its screen. If you are an Apple iPad mini own [...]

iPhone Storage Space

Free Up Storage Space On Your iPhone or iPad

Hey there! Today we are going to approach the subject on how you are using your iPhone storage space (which, as you’ve already noticed is limited). Considering that you’re using your iPhone as a video or photo camera (as most of us do), it is most likely for you to have a [...]

iPad 4

Jailbreak iPad 4 running iOS 6.x using evasi0n on Windows

You have an iPad 4 and you want to enjoy more benefits of it? Well, then you are in the right place, as you may follow the step-by-step guide provided in this article and jailbreak your [...]

iPad 2

Jailbreak iPad 2 running iOS 6.1 using evasi0n on Windows

If you are one of the numerous Windows fans and Windows users?out there, this article is addressed to you so just pay attention for a little while, shall you. I am sure you are now wond [...]

iPad 2

Jailbreak iPad 2 Running iOS 6.1 using evasi0n on Mac OS X

The iPad 2 received a lot of praise when it was released in 2011, both from critics and users. At the time, Apple’s second generation iPad was the market leader when it came to ta [...]

Best iPhone Tweaks

Best iOS 6.1 Cydia Tweaks For Your Jailbroken iPhone 5 or iPad

We were so happy with the new launch of the iOS 6.x Untethered Jailbreak, that now is quite impossible not to be happy for what comes along with this! Yep, we refer to Cydia tweaks that [...]

iPad Mini

How To Jailbreak iPad Mini running iOS 6.1 using evasi0n on Mac OS X

The iPad mini is a wonderful device and we are sure you agree with us, especially if you are one of the many people that own one. If you don’t own an iPad mini but are considering [...]

iPad Mini iPad 4

Jailbreak iPad 3 running iOS 6.1 with evasi0n on Mac OS X

We must give some special thanks to the evad3rs team! Finally,? the evasi0n application they created was launched on the market. This new tool will be able to help you with the jailbrea [...]

Jailbreak iPhone 4S Using Evasi0n

Jailbreak iPad 3 running iOS 6.1 using evasi0n on Windows

As you probably know, the evas3rs have launched their new updated version of evasion which allows you to jailbreak iOS 6. You should know that the version is available for Mac, Windows [...]

iPad 4

Jailbreak iPad 4 running on iOS 6.1 using evasi0n on Mac OS X

Jailbreaking?is a subject that has come back to the readers’ attention, as a new tool called evasion has been released by the evad3rs team. Why is it useful? It has the advantage [...]

iPad Mini next Generation

Next iPad Mini Model Will Feature A Retina Display

Despite its non Retina display, the iPad mini was well received by both media and consumers. You can check our very own review here. It came with a non Retina display (and the lack of a [...]

iPad 4

The Best forum browsing apps for your iPhone or iPad

What do you think of forums? Did you ever get an answer regarding an issue you experienced? Or did you help someone when he needed, using forums and discussion groups? Are you a member [...]

iPad 2

How to jailbreak first iPad running iOS 5.1.1 with Redsn0w on Windows

If you have an iPad and you want to apply a jailbreak on the??iOS 5.1.1 firmware then your horizon does not really encompass that many possibilities, we are sorry to break it for you. I [...]

iPad 5

Rumor: iPad 5 to feature mini-like design, iPhone 5S to look similar to current model

Temptation is so high when it comes to Apple’s upcoming ?product line that we can not help but dig in and find the latest reports and pieces of news we can get our hand on in orde [...]

iPad Calendar view options

Easily change Calendar view options on your iPhone and iPad

Which is the best way you use in order to organize your daily agenda? We are sure that the quick answer is the phone?s calendar; why not recognize it is the most disposable instrument w [...]

iPhone iPad Default Calendar

Easily set a default calendar on your iPhone and iPad

We all got to a point where we can?t imagine life without having smart devices in order to help us in our daily activities. Recognize it: you got to use your iPhone and iPad for organiz [...]

iOs 6.1 beta 5

How to jailbreak iOS 6.1 beta 5 – Step by step guide

We are aware of the fact that in this very moment everybody is eagerly waiting for the launch of Golden Master on the market.? Even though we do not know for sure when or if this would [...]

Calendar Alerts

Manage calendar alerts on your iPhone and iPad – Full guide

Is the iPhone only a phone for you? How many times did you think about its multiple utility? First, you find out the weather before you go out of the house or even look at the window, y [...]

Gmail iPhone iPad

Set up Gmail on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

If you are interested in purchasing an iDevice (iPhone, iPod touche, iPad) or any other device for that fact sometime after January 30th, 2013, then we have basically been informed by Google that starting with this date we can get our thoughts away from being able to set them up by us [...]

iPad jailbreak

How to jailbreak first iPad running iOS 5.1.1 with Redsn0w on Mac OS X

Wow, breaking news with the release of the iOS 5.1.1?If you have an iPad and you want to apply a jailbreak on the??iOS 5.1.1 firmware then you are not going to have that many possibilit [...]

iPhone HTML signature

How to use an HTML email signature on the iPhone and iPad

Do you have an iPhone or an iPad and are you also a workaholic or simply addicted to the web? Then besides all the fun apps you have downloaded, you have surely also linked your e-mail [...]

iPhone email account

How to disable an email account on your iPhone and iPad

As the holidays have reached their end, and you were lucky enough not to have to check your emails while spending time with your family, your iPhone and iPad offer you an accessible way [...]

iOS navigation apps

Best iOS Navigation Apps for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

While opinions are different when it comes to the best navigation apps, we all agree on one aspect – their utility! These having been said, let’s place my statement into a c [...]

iOS Music Player

Best iOS Music Players for iPhone and iPad

Do you have a large collection of digital music? Do you have it stored on your iDevice? Do you want it displayed in a shiny and comprehensive interface that lets you find whatever you’re looking for? We have just the right apps for you. Take a look at the best music player iOS h [...]

Downgrade iOS 6.0.1 to 5.1.1

How to Downgrade iOS 6.0.1 to 5.1.1 Using Redsn0w and SHSH Blobs

There are many articles in which it is shown the process of downgrading iOS 6.0.1 to iOS 6 and 5.1.1, but some of the methods seem to encounter some problems, even if they are followed [...]

iOS Google Docs

Google Docs for iPad & iPhone – Beginner’s Guide

We present you Google Drive for iOS devices. Read below to catch a better glimpse of its ups and downs. What is Google Drive? Google drive is an app that gives you the opportunity to both view and store files, videos and spreadsheets. Its storage capacity is of 5GB free space, but you [...]

iTunes Purchases

Hide purchased apps in iTunes

We all like to constantly check what’s new for download in the App Store, but it also comes a time when we would like to get rid of all those free games and apps we have downloaded, and get back to that initial clear view of our iTunes purchase history. You are only a few [&hell [...]

Manage Calendar With Siri

How To Manage Calendar Events Using Siri

If you are generally in need of someone else to help you with your calendar, then Siri is the answer (and was moreover even actually created to replace the traditional personal assistant). If you have it – then you must own an iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 5, iPad 4, iPad 3, o [...]

Use iPad Mini As Phone

How To Use Your iPad Mini As A Phone

Today we will show you how to do something different with your iPad Mini. After receiving a couple of emails from you guys asking me if you could use the iPad Mini as a phone and after replying to a couple of them I decided to create a complete how to guide to avoid answering [&hellip [...]

Poured Water on iPhone

Poured liquid on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch? Here’s what to do

We’ve seen our share of iPhones, iPad and iPods damaged by liquids. Your warranty will cover these cases only if you happen to have AppleCare+. Some people go to The Pod Drop to f [...]

iPad Magazines

Best Ten Digital Magazines For Your iPad

This is a guide designed to inform you of the best digital magazines for your iPad. As an iPad owner you probably know that Apple’s tablet makes for an excellent ebook reader. In addition to ebooks however, it is also an excellent device for reading digital magazines. Besides ou [...]

iPad Mini

The Best 10 iPad Mini Games

One of the best things about the iPad Mini is its size. It’s smaller, easier to hold, thinner than its previous counterparts. And better yet, it already has access to a huge number of applications and games from the App Store, apps and games already available for some time now o [...]

iPhone data usage

Track your iPhone and iPad data usage

The new iPhone and the 4G LTE iPad that has just been launched offer you a large quantity of apps that will allow one to surf the web, watch online movies and download files. Whenever you use one of these, they are consuming data from your data plan. Whenever it is possible, it is adv [...]

ScreenShot Frame Maker

How To Use Screenshot Frame Maker app on your iPad and iPhone

Whether you are a blogger, a journalist or just somebody browsing the internet, taking screenshots is something that probably happens often, with a higher or lower frequency depending o [...]

iPad Keyboard

iPhone and iPad Bluetooth keyboards worth buying

You have bought a brand new iPad for yourself and now would like to take full advantage of the options it offers you. The next step would be to buy a keyboard for it, one you can use to write longer email messages or type URL addresses with ease in Safari. There are options you [&hell [...]

iPad Mini Screen Shot

How To Take A Screenshot on iPad Mini

I am sure there were times when you wanted to capture an exact image of what you were seeing on your iPad Mini. Be it a famous quote that you want to save, or you just broke your Fruit Ninja Record we are here to teach you how to take a screenshot on your iPad […]

iPad 3 vs Google NExus 7

Google Nexus 7 vs Apple iPad 3 review

The Apple domination of the tablet market will not come to an end soon, but there are plenty of contenders to the throne. HTC, RIM, Acer, Asus and Samsung have all tried to bring up tablets that will be at leas as good as the iPad. Amazon tried this with the Kindle tablet and had [&he [...]

iPhone cleaning

Clean your iPhone and iPad easily

After some time of your it may be that the beautiful retina display on your iPhone will become smudged and will need some quick cleaning. Here are some tips on how to keep your device clean and spotless, be it an iPhone or an iPad. First of all you will have to unplug your iDevice [&h [...]

Insert photo into email

Insert videos and photos directly into emails on the iPhone and iPad

In older versions of iOS you were required to email video files and image files by using the Photos app. Recently you could simply copy/paste them into the Mail app but iOS 6 goes one s [...]

Dropbox iPad

How to use Dropbox On Your iPhone and iPad

A lot of people using Dropbox these days. The service acts as an online hard drive for your files. With Dropbox you are able to keep all your images, documents and videos close. All you need is an Internet connection and you will be able to access these from virtually every operating [...]

iPad 4 vs iPad 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 vs ASUS Vivo Tab RT

iPad 4 vs iPad 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 vs ASUS Vivo Tab RT

Apple is the uncontested leader in the tablet market and the iPad is a great device that is currently pleasing hundreds of thousands of customers. But there are alternatives to the iPad [...]


iPad Mini Review – Is it worth buying?

Earlier this November, Apple launched the long rumored mini version of its tablet series. If the iPad mini’s name gives you a feeling of deja vu, that’s because this very same scenario has happened before, about 8 years ago. Back then, Apple courageously decided to release [...]

iPad Mini Apps

Best iPad Mini Apps

The advantage the iPad Mini has over its competition is clear as day: it’s a new device that launched with the possibility of running over 270,000 already-existing apps in the App Store. These apps can all be used on the iPad Mini but some of them run especially beautifully on t [...]

iPad Mini iPad 4

Should I upgrade to iPad Mini and iPad 4?

Being just released on the market you?ll probably want the newest and hottest iPads from Apple, but do they? really stack up? do they? worth the money? Many of you would say that this is?an apple profile blog and my job here is to persuade people to buy one of them, well in a way [&he [...]

Jailbreak iOS 6.1

Jailbreak iOS 6.1 using RedSnow 0.9.15b3

As many of you well know, a few days ago Apple has announced the latest version of the iOS 6.1, in other terms, the beta 2 version. The new beta version comes with iPhone 4, iPad Mini and of course iPod Touch support (build 10B510C). As the name says this new iOS version is aimed [&he [...]

iPad 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Apple iPad 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 In Depth Comparison

Most companies involved in the smartphone and tablet markets crave for Apple’s success. Since the iPhone’s and iPad’s releases everybody wants to reach the same succes [...]

Jailbreak 6.01 & 6.0

Jailbreak iOS 6 and iOS 6.0.1 using Sn0wBreeze 2.9.7 Tool

If you do not own a Mac and you were impatiently waiting for an update of the notorious SnowBreeze tool, we have great news for you. Yesterday we updated our Download section with the l [...]

Apple iPad 4 vs Google Nexus 10

Apple iPad 4 vs.Google Nexus 10, a high-end fight

More than two weeks ago, Google revealed the Nexus 10 – the bigger version of the Nexus 7. With its new tablet, Google is trying to capture the tablet market which until recently [...]

ios 6.01

How to update to iOS 6.0.1 over the air (OTA)

Good news people, Apple has released an update to the iOS 6.0 version, the 6.0.1, a bug fix revision for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. In the first day of its release over 8% of iPhone users ? updated to this newer version. As always when a new iOS version releases, a pop-up window wil [...]

iPad Mini vs Kindle Fire HD

iPad Mini vs Kindle Fire HD full comparison

Since the iPad Mini has just been released and since the Kindle Fire has been making rounds lately in the press, we thought of comparing the two tablets to see what pros and cons they bring and how they are each behaving when it comes to customers. To see how the Kindle Fire HD compar [...]


Use FileApp Pro to Share Files, Edit and Rename Them On Your iPhone Or iPad

If your iPod, iPad or iPod Touch is a jailbroken device, you must have been accustomed to iFile when having to deal with renaming and general file management. For users that don’t [...]

Scrollable Wallpaper

Use Scrollable Widescreen Images As Wallpapers On The iPhone

There’s a new application in the Cydia store and it should interest you because it has something to do with your iPhone’s wallpapers. The iPhone uses a certain resolution to [...]

iPAd Mini vs Nexus 7

iPad Mini vs Google Nexus 7, the 7-inchers fight

There were rumors about an iPad Mini circulating the web long before Apple made the announcement. We took the device’s specifications and compared them to the ones belonging to the Nexus 7, Google’s latest tablet. Here are our findings. Because of its size, the iPad Mini i [...]

iOS Restrict Location

Allow or deny access to locations using the iOS 6 privacy controls

With iOS 6 you can decide which application does what and when. It allows you delicate control and fine-tuning of built-in apps and the apps you install from the App Store. If you’ [...]

Siri Restaurants

Siri covers your every need regarding restaurants – read reviews and make reservations

With the new Siri in iOS 6 you can now book a table at a restaurant and search for other restaurants with the help of your personal assistant. A fast guide to setup Siri can be found he [...]

iPhone 8GB

How To Free Space On Your iOS Device By Deleting Temp Files

iOS devices are great but just like any other such devices their weakness is limited storage space. Given that media files tend to grow bigger and bigger every year, you will remain wit [...]

Share Files

How To Share Files Wirelessly From One iOS Device To Another

iDevices are not know for the ease of which they are able to share files wirelessly. Android devices do this easier and the function is embedded in the operating system. That doesn̵ [...]

Shared Photo Stream Badge

How To Use The Shared Photo Streams in iOS 6

When Photo Stream was first introduced, many people didn’t know what to make of it. This left some with pictures uploaded to iCloud, some of those pictures being personal in nature. Apple was quick to fix this issue by allowing users to delete pictures from the stream. Now iOS i [...]

How To Use A Mouse With iPAd

How To Install And Use A Mouse On Your New iPad

We all know that the iPad was designed by the guys at Apple with the needs of a typist in mind and how could you start writing your works without a keyboard and mouse? If you already have keyboard?coupled with your iPad, the next logical step would be a mouse. In this tutorial we will [...]

iPad guided access

How To Secure Your iPad – Letting Strangers Play Safely With Your iPad

Whenever a new iPad model comes out, friends and relatives or people you might just remotely know will crowd around you and demand to hold it. They are curious and since Apple does such [...]

How To Secure Your iPhone

How To Secure Your Brand New iPhone or iPad

An iPhone is basically a small computer. And just like a computer it needs to be secure in order to keep your data safe from prying eyes. All your contacts, e-mails, passwords and sensitive text or images could be stored on your iPhone and you don’t want them to fall into the wr [...]

Apple iPad

How To Add or Modify Photo Albums On Your New iPad

Just like a photographer’s album, the iPad allows one to simply and efficiently organize one’s photo albums. You need a sense of order to find whatever picture you are looki [...]

How To Take An ScreenShot With An iPad

How To Take Screenshots Using Your New iPad

The question of how exactly do this comes up in various forums all over the Internet. People want to digitally immortalize high scores in games they play or just show their friends what their desktop looks like. The snapshot taking feature is built-in into iOS and the images are saved [...]

How To Set Up iPad Email Account

How To Set Up And Use An eMail Account On Your iPad

You have bought yourself a new iPad and you need a working e-mail account on it. In this article we’ll teach you just how to do this. Reading e-mails and writing them is easy if y [...]

How To Edit Word Documents on Ipad

How To Edit Word Documents On Your Brand New iPad

When we say iPad we can not help ourselves from thinking why we love this device so much. The huge screen size. This awesome screen size combined with the excellent virtual keyboard App [...]

Flash Logo

How To Enable Flash Videos On The iPad

It is a know fact that Apple does not allow the Adobe Flash Plugin to run on it’s devices and this can be . Furthermore, recently Apple stopped any effort to make Flash word in a proper way on the iPad and iPod Touch. But don’t worry – some sites might allow you to w [...]

iPhone iMessage

How To Easily Forward, Copy and Delete iMessage on Iphone

For those of you who do not know, iMessage is a reliable alternative for standard messaging that comes with every mobile phone. The main advantage of iMessage is the option to send text [...]

Apple Maps

How To Add Locations And Deal With iOS 6 Maps Problems

Starting with iOS 6 you won’t find Google Maps on your device anymore. If you wish to downgrade to 5.1.1 and wait for updated maps check our guide here. This being said you must a [...]


How To Add PDF Files To iBooks For Your iPhone or iPad

Apple couldn’t be left out of the e-book mania that’s been making rounds in the las couple of years. For people wishing to read e-books on their iPad there’s iBooks. W [...]

How To Delete Photos From iPad

How Do I delete photos from the iPad? Full How To Guide

Deleting photos from your iPad device is as easy as deleting any other file. If you no longer wish to keep a certain set of photos on your iPad or are just trying to free up more space [...]

How To Remove Apps

How To Remove Apps From Your iPad or iPhone

There may come a time when your iPad will be full of software and you might need to free up some space. Or it may just be that you grew tired of the same old games and you want to delete them. Here’s how to do it in an easy manner.Make it so that the […]