Apple Watch Got Water and Scratch Tested [Video]

ion 2 400x250 Apple Watch Got Water and Scratch Tested [Video]

The Apple Watch is available in three variations. One of them, the Apple Watch Sport, features the strengthened glass Ion-X as the solution for the screen protection. The author of the YouTube account Unbox Therapy has got hold of the glass panel of the sport model and scratch tested its protective layer.

Apple claims that the Ion-X display coating is almost impossible to damage. This material is used in the manufacture of the spacecraft and high-speed train windows. It is five times more durable than the traditional one, but at the same time, it is very slim and lightweight.

The Ion-X glass is strengthened at the molecular level. During production, it is put in a salt bath of liquid potassium heated to 400 ?C. Ion exchange occurs here, wherein the smaller sodium ions leave the structure of the glass to be replaced by the larger potassium ions. When being cooled, these ions create a strong shock- and scratch-proof layer.

ion 1 728x431 Apple Watch Got Water and Scratch Tested [Video]

The test of the hardened Ion-X glass involved several kinds of tools which are sure to scratch or simply break ordinary glass. A knife, keys and several kinds of sandpaper are among them.

Check out the video below to see how strong the Apple Watch Sport display is.

It is known that the protection of the Apple Watch meets the IPX7 standard, which means that the device can work smoothly at the depth of up to one meter for 30 minutes. These are the data noted in the novelty’s specifications. Enthusiasts from the YouTube channel FoneFox decided to test the Apple Watch underwater in more rough conditions. The video begins with a young man pouring water on the device and then going to the shower with the watch on his hand.

swim 1 728x422 Apple Watch Got Water and Scratch Tested [Video]

The second stage of the experiment seems more interesting. The enthusiasts test the Apple Watch in the swimming pool for 15 minutes. They dared to dive with the watch to the depth of several meters, which exceeds the specified value. At that, the gadget was alright and worked steadily both during the dive and after it.

Here is what the manufacturer says about the Apple Watch water-resistance:

The Apple Watch is splash-proof and water-resistant, but it is not completely waterproof. For example, you can wear and use the Apple Watch at the training, in the rain, when washing your hands, but diving with it is undesirable. The degree of the Apple Watch protection meets the IPX7 standard. Leather straps cannot be used in water.

In other words, the Apple Watch owners should not take a risk it. If you decide to dive to a great depth with the gadget, the time of the dive should not exceed a couple of minutes.