Apple Announced the WWDC 2015 Conference

WWDC 2015 logo 1 400x250 Apple Announced the WWDC 2015 Conference

According to Apple?s official statement, the annual developers conference WWDC is held from June 8 to June 12, 2015 at the exhibition complex ?Moscone West?, San Francisco. The mobile platform iOS 9 and a new edition of the operating system OS X are going to be the highlights of the WWDC?15.

This year, there are expected to be even more sessions broadcast live. Apple?s developer community will gather at the WWDC conference to learn about the future of the operating systems and receive all the necessary help for continuing the apps development.

As a part of the WWDC, there is going to be more than 100 technical workshops with the participation of more than 1,000 Apple engineers. Hands-on training sessions designed to help developers in the questions of implementing new technologies and improving their applications will be held as well. In addition, the Apple Design Awards will be hosted; the last year?s most outstanding applications are nominated for the award.

Developers had been able to apply for the tickets purchase on the WWDC website till Friday, April 17. The tickets were distributed among the conference participants at random, and the results were announced on Monday, April 20. Moreover, 350 WWDC student scholarships are available. With their help, students and STEM-centers participants from all around the world can get a free ticket.

Besides, the announcement of the Apple?s press conference, which will take place as a part of the WWDC, is very likely to indicate a major Apple TV update. If we take a look at the conference invite, we will see that its key geometry shape resembles that of Apple TV.

iTV revol 1 728x546 Apple Announced the WWDC 2015 Conference

The bold slogan prepared for the press conference speaks for itself. The Apple TV set-top box will become a kind of a center, either an entertainment center or a smart home center. Theoretically it can incorporate a hub for storing and synchronizing data from all the Apple devices. Exclusive contracts may be signed with content providers for a branded television system. Finally, the application store will enable expanding the interface of the device; thus it will set a trend for the whole industry. Anyway, that is what the Apple directors hope for. Tim Cook has already released the first genuinely new gadget after the death of Steve Jobs. It was the Apple Watch. It seems like the time has come for the second one.

The last year?s Apple event was entirely dedicated to the operating systems iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. The company also introduced its own programming language Swift. At this year?s WWDC, besides the presentation of the iOS 9 platform, a new operating system for Mac computers, OS X 10.11 is expected to debut.