Apple Watch

The first Apple Watch reviews are ambiguous

Irresistible: 90% of Users Chose to Buy Apple Watch after the Device Fitting

Although buying the Apple Watch is not possible yet, Apple customers can get acquainted with the novelty in the company?s stores and retail boutiques, such as Dover Street Market and Se [...]

AppleCare + Warranty for the Apple Watch to Cost up to $999

AppleCare + Warranty for the Apple Watch to Cost up to $999

Sources in Apple have found out the price of an extended Apple Watch warranty. According to MacRumors, the warranty service for the most expensive model of the Apple Watch Edition will [...]

only few people notice that there is no Apple?s browser on the Apple Watch home screen

Apple Watch Predicted Browsers Death

Paul Canetti, a developer of the apps Stream and MAZ, has written a post in his blog and explained why the release of the Apple Watch indicates that the era of web browsers is coming to an end for good and all. Here is what he says: ?The death of the web has long been […]

Supply of Many Apple Watch Models will be Limited at Launch

Supply of Many Apple Watch Models will be Limited at Launch

Most models of the new computerized Apple Watch will be in short supply for some time after the sale starts. It is reported by 9to5Mac with references to sources aware with the situatio [...]

apple march 9 event

Tim Cook Introduced the Apple Watch

At the March 9 event, Apple presented the final version of the Apple Watch. The company?s CEO Tim Cook introduced the device on the stage of the Yerba Buena in San Francisco. The watch will be available in two screen sizes, with a 38 mm and a 42 mm diagonal. Previously, media nickname [...]

Apple Sent Out Invites to the March 9 Presentation

Apple Sent Out Invites to the March 9 Presentation

Apple has sent out journalists and press members official invites to the press conference dealing with Apple Watch. The event is held on March 9 and broadcast live. Traditionally, Apple [...]

Apple Watch will be an important item of Apple?s revenue

Every Fifth iPhone User Considers Buying Apple Watch

Apple Watch will be an important item of Apple?s revenue and provide the sustainable development of the company in 2015. This is the opinion that the Evercore analyst Rob Cihra sticks t [...]

Apple Watch

An Overview of the New Apple Watch Found on the Internet [Video]

Apple introduced the ?smart? watch known as the Apple Watch, they did not disclose any details until recently. The situation was quite strange with this project ? the iPhone 6 and the i [...]

Apple Watch

US Authorities Want to Check if Apple Watch Provides Reliable Personal Data Protection

US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has requested that Apple guarantees reliable personal data protection. They want to make sure that Apple Watch presented in September, collecting infor [...]

Apple Watch Unveiled

The Apple Watch Unveiled

Besides the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones, Apple announced their first wearable computer at the Sept. 9 event in California. The corporation?s CEO Tim Cook presented the device named the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is Apple?s first original product designed after Steve J [...]

there is a golden version of the new iPhone 6 flagship next to an iWatch

New Apple Products Coming on Sept. 9 Now Realistically Rendered [Photos]

Inspired by the iPhone 6 design, which was revealed long before the official launch, Martin Hajek, a designer, has presented renders of new Apple products that are to be launched on Sep [...]

the two nines may stand for inverted sixes representing two models of the iPhone 6

September 9: Apple Sent Out Invitations For the New iPhone Launch

Apple has sent official invitations to journalists and press representatives for the news conference dedicated to the next-gen iPhone launch. As suggested earlier, the event will be hel [...]

iWatch will be released this fall at $ 350

Apple’s and Samsung’s Competitors are to Fail in the Smartwatch Market

The competition is extremely high in the smartphone market, so mobile device manufacturers have to look for some new development options. One of them is associated with the development [...]

iWatch Swatch

Swatch Denies Collaboration with Apple in the Development of iWatch

Swatch has denied collaboration with Apple in the development of “smart” watch, on the eve of VentureBeat publication has recently reported, that the American computer elect [...]

Wearable Electronics

The Third Quarter will See the Growth of Wearable Electronics Market

According to the industry sources, the market is expected to expand supplies of wearable electronic devices in the third quarter. Most manufacturers postponed releases of productsschedu [...]

iPhone 6 and iWatch

iPhone 6 and iWatch: Good and Bad News

When will iWatch come out? How much will Apple?s wearable computer cost? Will iPhone 6 feature a sapphire screen? Economic Daily edition set to answering all of these questions claiming they have obtained valuable insider information. According to the newspaper, Apple has enough sapph [...]

iWatch Launch

Analyst Expects Apple to Launch iWatch in September At $200

After the end of the annual Apple?s Worldwide Developer Conference and the presentation of two new operating systems, iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, by the Cupertino company, we can pay atten [...]


iWatch can get a Wireless Charging Technology

A novelty from Apple, the iWatch smart watch is likely to be equipped with wireless charging. Many Chinese media report this, quoting the Luxshare company, Apple partner and components supplier. iWatch release is scheduled for this fall. The fact of this kind of Apple gadgets line app [...]


Apple will Offer Several Models of the iWatch with the Round Face

The face of the Apple smart watch will have circular shape, and its production is planned for July – August this year. Brian Blair, the market analyst of the Rosenblatt Securities [...]

iWatch and iSwatch

Swatch has Warned Apple Against the Use of the iWatch Brand

Swatch Group is taking measures not to let Apple name their “smart” watch the iWatch, the Bloomberg agency said. Swatch, the largest watch manufacturer, already produces a m [...]

Smart Watches

In Anticipation of the iWatch: the ‘Smart’ Watches Owners Grumble at Poor Battery Life, Screen Size and Voice Control

While Apple brings the smart iWatch to order, promising a revolution, the current generation of wearable electronic devices is less than satisfying to their owners, the F [...]

Apple patent

Apple?s New Technology to Prevent Accidental Keystrokes on iPhone, iPad and iWatch

The controls of the Apple mobile devices are becoming smarter. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent that describes an improved system for recognition of the [...]