Samsung Galaxy S5 Design Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S5 400x250 Samsung Galaxy S5 Design Rumors

Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4 was launched almost three months ago and while it was generally met positively, people were let down by the fact the there were no big upgrades. That is why most users are already talking about the next Galaxy S smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy S5. It is already rumored that the fifth Galaxy S will be drastically different than the fourth iteration.

There have already been many rumors about the? next Galaxy S’ specs and features and also design mock-ups. Some looked classical, others looked futuristic, predicting drastic changes. Recent information suggest that the next Galaxy S smartphone will have a carbon fiber body (as opposed to plastic or metal), though metal is not completely out of the question either.

A Flexible Design

As the heading implies, the Samsung Galaxy S5 might feature a flexible design. A couple of months ago, Product Reviews, made the following statement regarding a flexible Samsung Galaxy S5: ?We?re not knocking the Galaxy S4, because it truly is a remarkable phone, and shows even more of the iPhone 5’s weaknesses. However, consumers are always in need of more, and so we were not surprised to see a Galaxy S5 concept appear almost the same time as the S4 was released, which made use of flexible display technology. However, this concept looked to be several years away, and so could not be taken too serious, unlike a recent patent filing, which showed the Samsung Galaxy S5 curved display possibility […]?.

The Galaxy S series is very popular

So popular in fact, that regardless of what features Samsung will decide to include in the fifth Galaxy S smartphone, it is almost certain that it will be a success, just like its predecessors. The iPhone and Galaxy S series of smartphones are huge and as a direct consequence of their success, they have lots of fans all over the world. These fans will always expect the next generation smartphone in any of these series to up the ante and bring something new and unique. And both Apple and Samsung have done pretty good jobs in satisfying their customers, with better iterations of their flagship smartphones. Apple will release the iPhone 5S in fall 2013, and it is supposed to be just a small upgrade over the current iPhone 5. However, the company is going to release the big upgrade next year, in the form of the iPhone 6. Samsung will also release the Galaxy S5 next year and that is also rumored to be a big upgrade over the current Samsung Galaxy S4. Just how big, we will have to wait and see.