iPhone 6 And iOS 8 To Be Released No Sooner Than 2014?

iPhone 6 iPhone 6 And iOS 8 To Be Released No Sooner Than 2014?

As far as we know by now, there should be at least one new Apple product release this year. What we don`t know yet, is what kind of product they will release on the market. We can only suppose? that these rumors will materialize, and we expect to see a new iPhone – the iPhone 5S, or why not, maybe an iPhone 6. The greatest surprise would be, to have both of them released on the market this year, but this is only what we hope.? Even like that, this subject is on top of the discussions through world`s technology groups.

Now, concerning the new iPhone 6 we all wait, the rumors say that this brand new device will suffer an entire change, will go behind having a complete new look, and a larger screen ( rumors say something about a 5-inches screen). These rumors might be true, because if we look behind, Apple needs to do something amazing for maintaining its position on the market in front of the competitors, such as HTC and Samsung. So, innovation is needed if Apple company wants to remain number one in this area, but they have to do something outstanding and as fast as possible.

At this moment, we have a huge question mark concerning the future iPhone 5S. The main reason that leaves us with questions would be that Tim Cook, the CEO totally ruled out the cheaper, plastic version of iPhone 5S, naming it a “crappy product” and telling us that they won’t promote such a thing. What kind of version and improvements are we talking about (if the plastic one is out of the question), that would certainly win over the masses? Cause in the view of these new information, the possibilities seem limited.
Even though we all want a brand new iPhone 6, with a larger screen size, to be released on the market this year, these rumors don`t have a logic base if we take a look to the new iOS 7 software which should be released soon.

It seems like the new iOS 7 operating system, would not be able to work with the new overhaul? iPhone 6. Unfortunately, this means that we should wait first for the release of the iOS 8 on the market, and only after that we could dream to a brand new device from Apple. But knowing all these facts, it`s such a clear thing that this wouldn`t be possible this year. Maybe in 2014, but surely not now.

Now, we don`t want to be pessimistic, because we know from a trusted source that in their reports Apple was quite motivated concerning the release of the iPhone 6 this year. But it seems like their intentions encounter some compatibility obstacles, that makes us wonder if this will be possible so fast.

Keep in mind that all these are still rumors, because Apple didn`t make any public comment about these two products -iPhone 5 S and iPhone 6. All we have are the reports, but we can`t take those for granted.