iPhone 5S release date

iPhone 5S iPhone 5S release date

Not long ago Apple released the iPhone 5, on September 21st. But rumors have begun about the iPhone 5S release date, which is expected to be in July 2013, unlike the previous iPhone releases. Until now Apple released the iPhone in September or October every year, though some sources say that they might hurry a bit right now due to a bunch of reasons.

The iPhone 5 hasn’t been quite as people expected and it didn’t bring much new features and hardware. Unfortunately for all the Apple fans, the iPhone stopped being revolutionary anymore and it seems like Apple wants to try it again with the iPhone 5S soon.

One more reason for Apple to release the 5S sooner will be the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is rumored to be announced in February at CES 2013 Barcelona and launched a month later, in March. People are expecting a lot of improvements from the iPhone 5S, consisting especially in better hardware and an improved operating system, because the iOS 6 didn’t bring much.

Some talk about iOS 7, which should be much better than the current version and it might bring some really useful features, though there aren’t many information about it yet. I will try to clarify things a bit in an attempt to find out more about the new iPhone 5S. I will aggregate all the rumors and try to find out which of them could turn out to be true and which can’t.

Release date

Like I said before, the iPhone 5 is rumored to be released mid-summer 2013, which is sometime around July. This could really turn out to be true. More than that, it’s possible that Apple releases it even sooner. And I have a few reasons to believe that. First is that they didn’t do very much with the iPhone 5, which could mean that they kept some of the features for the 5S.

Samsung became a very important treat for Apple and they will do their best to?out compete?them, which means they have to come with a new device right after Samsung releases the Galaxy S4. Though Apple really has to work hard on this one considering that the Korean maker has been adding bunch of new features on their flagship device each year and continues to do so on the go too. After they released the Note 2, Galaxy S3?borrowed?it’s new features too very soon through a software update.

Apple has also failed lately to keep their information secure and most of the rumors proved to be right, which means this one could be too. Alleged inside sources started to become much trustable after they leaked basically all the information about Apple’s iPhone 5, including photos, hardware, features and release date.


iPhone 5S design 728x511 iPhone 5S release date

Personally I expect the iPhone 5S to come with a similar design and it might be even identical to the iPhone 5. I find it very hard for them to make the device even smaller or thinner, considering the technology hasn’t changed much since the iPhone 5. What some are expecting is a few extra colors, so it can match everyone’s tastes. I don’t know if Apple will ever do that, but it would be very nice if we could have an iPhone 5S in red, brown, or blue. There are a lot of people who just got bored of black or white and would like something different.

What I am expecting from Apple, more than making the device smaller, is making the display bigger. I am pretty confident that once they manage to free up some space on the case, they will try to enlarge the display by 0.1 or 0.2 inches, which could be really helpful and I’m sure nobody would complain about that, considering that the device’s size remains the same.

It will probably be built with better materials, because we’ve seen a lot of cases where the device got scratches pretty fast. It was a new built and now they have thousands of failed units they can test on. Apple is definitely going to make a better built iPhone 5S by using their previous experience.

iOS 7

Every new iPhone came with a new iOS version and we expect them to do the same with the new iPhone 5S. And more than that, I also expect Apple to prepare us a highly improved operating system with many new features. Lately it’s been left behind by Android and Windows Phone ,which have very useful features that the iOS lacks.

I’m expecting the iOS 7 to feature widgets, a better notifications system and integration with more services, like Dropbox, Linkedin, Foursquare and others.

Siri should also be revamped, both in terms of speech recognition and ability to do more things. I expect Siri in iOS 7 to allow me to control more apps and find more things for me easier. Google Now has proved that very much is possible and it can be of great use sometimes. I’m expecting Apple to do the same, especially after they filed a patent related to the matter.

Along with these, Apple is definitely preparing some new and maybe revolutionary features for us. While there isn’t possible to come with revolutionary hardware, software has no limits and it’s only about imagination. And Apple has been a proof of imagination for decades.

Motion features like the ones used by Samsung should also be expected. But Apple might do a good job with them, because most of the ones present in the Galaxy S3 and Note 2 are quite useless. I believe it’s due to poor software. The thing is that they rarely work as they should and some improvements could make them extremely useful. This means the new iPhone 5S will feature even more sensors to help it with the motion controls and I really hope they enter the game, because I consider it’s the new thing.

Other iPhone 5S rumors, features and price

iPhone 5S PRO 728x455 iPhone 5S release date

We expect the iPhone 5S to come with NFC, because it would integrate flawlessly with their Passbook. And I am pretty confident that they won’t miss this one, though they are a few years behind.

It will also come with better optimized software and a higher capacity battery, that will provide a better battery life. I am also expecting Apple to force all carriers into allowing Facetime over 3G and 4G, because that’s a wonderful feature and I should do whatever I want with my data plan.

An improved App Store is also expected, especially for the web-based version, which looks and works pretty bad. I want to do everything from the web based version, because it’s much easier to use my Mac Book to search for apps than the 4-inch display smartphone. And at the moment, the web-based app store is nearly useless, as the search is universal and if you try to find an app, you might only find some random news or press releases instead.

People have also been talking a lot about a microUSB port, especially in Europe, where we have laws about it, but I don’t think Apple will switch so fast from the Lightning port though. I would also prefer a microUSB instead, because it’s universal and now nearly every device has one.

One of the most unusual features we heard rumors about is a 3D screen. An iPhone 5S with a 3D screen would definitely be wonderful, though I don’t believe it’s possible at the moment. Technology has not evolved enough to allow building a 3D smartphone with no glasses. And if they used a 3D display that requires glasses, that would be pretty useless. Though if they actually manage to do it and sell it for the same price as they did until now, then it would definitely be a huge hit.

The iPhone 5S display shouldn’t be improved, as it’s quite hard to do any better on such a small display. A higher resolution wouldn’t be notified by the human eye either, so it’s pointless.

The camera might come with some new features and it might even sport a 12 or 13MP primary camera, though megapixels aren’t very important, so I prefer to get better lens instead, along with better software.

The iPhone 5S price will most likely be the same as usual. All iPhones came with the same pricing and the iPhone 5S will follow suit. Once it gets released, the iPhone 4S and 5 will get cheaper, while the iPhone 4 will be discontinued.

Along with the iPhone 5S release, we also expect Apple to bring us an iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2, though there aren’t many information about that.