iPhone 5S to Come with 2 MP Front-facing Camera and Dual-Shot Support

 iPhone 5S to Come with 2 MP Front facing Camera and Dual Shot Support

According to the rumor mill, the iPhone 5S release date is right around the corner, as reports are claiming that we will see the next-gen iOS-powered smartphone later this summer. Even though we are not expecting the iPhone 5S to debut at Apple’s WWDC 2013, the event that will open its gates for the public on June 10th, we have fresh details about the new flagship smartphone developed by the Cupertino-based giant.

While most of the tech publications are writing that the iPhone 5S will come with an improve primary camera that will pack a 12 megapixel?sensor, we managed to get in touch with an Apple software?engineer?that works in the team responsible of the camera aspects of the yet?unannounced?iOS 7-powered device. The software engineer in cause has confirmed for us that the iPhone 5S will also come with an improved front-facing camera, that will now have a 2 megapixel sensor, compared to the 1.3 megapixel unit fitted on the front panel of its predecessor.

How is that good news? Well, besides the fact that the new front-facing camera of the iPhone 5S will now have full HD video recording capabilities, the new iOS 7 will bring support for?capturing photos with the front-facing and primary camera in the same time. Well, it’s pretty cool to be able to?take a photo of what’s in front of you, while at the same time squeeze yourself in the photo, and things will work the same while recording videos, too.

The same software engineer added that the so-called Dual-Shot feature of the iPhone 5S camera is still in tests and it will not be integrated in iOS 7 unless the team manages to get it out of beta in time. If this doesn’t happen by the time iOS 7 is announced at WWDC 2013, the Dual-Shot will be one of the major features that will be introduced in iOS 7.1.

He also said that the Dual-Shot feature will only be available on the iPhone 5S, in a way similar the Panorama was?available?exclusively for the iPhone 5. Therefore, if you are eager to get Dual-Shot on your iPhone you will be bond to upgrade to iPhone 5S.

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