iOS 7 to Bring Radical Interface Changes and a Whole New User Experience

iOS 7 400x250 iOS 7 to Bring Radical Interface Changes and a Whole New User Experience

Jony Ive is, for a couple of months now, the head of the?division?that is developing iOS 7, codenamed Innsbruck, and it seems that the charismatic Apple Senior Vice President has ordered a radical change of design for the next iOS iteration. Many of those who already had the occasion of using iOS 7, or received precious details about it, say that?the new iOS 7 design is a?reminiscent?of Windows Phone’s Metro UI and that we are talking about a “very, very flat” interface.

It seems that the iOS 7 will ditch some of the?gloss?of the current interface, as it will lose the design elements that are a?resemblance?of the real world, the changes also affecting the way things work in the new operating system.

Jony Ive aims to remove most of the?skeumorfism elements introduced by Scott Forstall, and this move will have as result a change of the way many of the iOS apps currently work. As a whole, the iOS 7 will work the same way as its predecessors, so you won’t have to learn to use it the new way, but the?changes?will reportedly be numerous, and, in some cases, radical. We are talking about interface changes that are affecting the functionality and the way are used to handle apps now, but, for the time being, it’s hard to say what new features iOS 7 will introduce.

It seems that the native iOS 7 apps will have a new design, the toobars will also be revamped, the tabbars will also receive major changes, and the novelties don’t stop here. Apple is also considering swipe gestures?from the left and right side that allow the user to access different functions of the operating system, in a way similar to the one available on the trackpads and Macs, but, for now, it’s not clear whether this functionality will end up inside iOS 7. Apple has thought of integrating an?Expose-like Multitasking interface for iOS 4, but in the end the Cupertino-based giant used the task switcher.

We are expecting the iOS 7 to bring lots of changes and?improvements?that will offer us an iOS with a revamped interface, which will result in an enhanced user experience. I don’t know how many of you still hoped that Apple would do radical changes in iOS 7, but it seems that, after all, the creators of the iPhone reserved a lot of?surprises?for us. iOS 7 is expected to debut at WWDC 2013 event, but there are sources that claim that the new version of our beloved operating system might debut ahead of Apple’s annually developer conference.