How To Take A Screenshot on iPad Mini

I am sure there were times when you wanted to capture an exact image of what you were seeing on your iPad Mini. Be it a famous quote that you want to save, or you just broke your Fruit Ninja Record we are here to teach you how to take a screenshot on your iPad Mini. Taking a screenshot may prove very useful also while surfing the web and wanting to save a page quickly without bookmarking it for offline use or a picture you found on Facebook.

Ever since the Apple company released its first iPhone model for about 8 months , there was no software method to take a screenshot. The only way to capture what you screen was displaying was either installing an app that was developed for this purpose or using an external camera to snapshot your scree. The big change came with the iOS 2.0 Firmware which featured a screenshot feature, that remained somehow in the dark, so nearly 5 years since then, and countless firmware updates, people are still asking how to take a screenshot on their Apple devices. The method is quite easy and involves simultaneously pressing two buttons.

How to take a screenshot on iPad Mini

Before we start you should know that this is a universal method that also works with any iPhone or iPad model. The time required to take a screenshot on your iPad Mini is less than two seconds and once you learn it’s so simple you’ll never forget how to do it.

Step 1. You must first start by getting to the iPad Mini screen you want to take a screenshot onto, be it a web page, a particular app, or a picture from Facebook. What you see now it what you will capture later.

Step 2. After you see what you want to capture on your iPad mini screen, just press the Home button and don’t release it. Keep it pressed otherwise you will be redirected to your home screen and we don;t want that to happen.? Also press the Lock / On / Off? button located on the top edge of your iPad mini while the home button is also being kept pressed. After pressing it once, go ahead and release it.? You will now notice that your screen flashed and you will a hear a camera shutter sound. These are the clues that indicate you’ve successfully taken a screenshot on your iPad Mini.

Step 3. You will now want to view your freshly captured screenshot. Just head to your Photos app then select the Camera Roll folder. Your most recent iPad Mini screenshot will be displayed after your most recent photos.

Step 4. Next you can sync your favorite iPad Mini screenshots with your personal computer and edit them using a third-party software how you wish. If you are new to the iPad Mini and don’t know how to sync a complete guide can be found here.

Please note that will be only able to take a screenshot on your iPad mini, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch using this method. Other iPod models except Touch do not feature a built-in screen shot feature.