Apple might spread fake iPhone 5S rumors through the company, the doctored photo taught us

733810603 Apple might spread fake iPhone 5S rumors through the company, the doctored photo taught us

After we broke the news with the leaked iPhone 5S motherboard photos, which proved to be fake, we did our best to find out more how did we get into this situation and contacted some of the people we know that are close to the Cupertino company. But first of all we want to say sorry to everyone that felt fooled by us and we want to make it clear that it wasn’t our intention. Reputation is very important for us and we will do our best to clear this out and come with legit and triple-verified information from now on.

The engineer we got the photo from admitted that he received it through a company email, being sent by someone from Apple. Fortunately his position at Apple is still in place, but according to him, some other engineers are being investigated because the information attached to the photo is real, including leaks about processor, GPU, iOS 7 and Siri. ?We will take this with a grain of salt, of course, after publishing a clearly photoshopped photo that our?inexperienced?team didn’t notice at the time of writing.

During this process we found out that Apple engineers are sometimes given some pieces of information through unofficial sources that are usually fake, but sometimes are true too. We started our research especially after Ars Technica published a wonderful piece: Does Apple really assign engineers to ?fake? projects as a loyalty test?.

During the past few days we have been in contact with multiple Apple employees and most of them confirmed that the iPhone 5S will indeed come with an A7 processor and all of them heard through the company about specs similar to the ones we featured in our original article. Unfortunately our trust in these sources is not the same after we got our reputation sacked due to the fake motherboard photo.

As we’ve seen during the past few years, there are hundreds of rumors about Apple devices as the release date gets closer and some of them might be even released by Apple. But this can’t be confirmed by anyone, unfortunately, and it’s possible that an Apple employee faked the photo by himself in order to make a prank.

We will investigate further and hopefully we will be able to find out if Apple does indeed try to send fake information through the company in order to catch the “leaker.” Fortunately we now have more contacts than ever and we’ve managed to talk to a lot of people after the doctored photo went viral, which helps us during this process.

Once we find out more, we will write a more comprehensive piece, because we feel that we owe you this after the mistake we did.

Photo Credit: @Stagueve