WWDC 2013: iPhone 5S, Cheap iPhone 6, or iWatch?

WWDC 2013 400x250 WWDC 2013: iPhone 5S, Cheap iPhone 6, or iWatch?

A couple of days ago Apple officially revealed that its yearly developers conference will open its gates for the public on June 10, 2013, the event where both the tech publications and Apple?enthusiasts are expecting to see the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, and iWatch in flesh.?The Cupertino-based company also showed us the logo of the WWDC 2013 and first gossips about the devices that will be introduced at the Apple event, based on the design of the logo, have already hit the web. As usual the iPhone 5S, the cheap iPhone 6 and the iWatch are the stars of the rumors, so I thought it’s about time to talk about them.

For the time being we know that iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 will be introduced at WWDC 2013. We can’t know for sure if they will become?available?for the public soon after the event or if the Cupertino giant will only demo the two operating systems at its event, but we are aware that both will receive a lot of attention from Apple.


After taking the first look at the WWDC 2013 logo, a lot of us started to think that the iWatch that is developed by Apple will show up for the first time at this year’s edition of the popular conference. The shape of the WWDC 2013 logo and the multitude of colors that come along are suggesting that the iWatch developed in Cupertino will be ready for the big launch. Is it true, or just a rumor?

For now, there are no leaks or details to suggest that the iWatch is ready to enter production. Moreover, some analysts claim that the highly-anticipated iDevice will not see the light of day until late 2013, while other say that the iWatch release date has been set for early 2014.

Basically there are no details to indicate that Apple has scheduled the iWatch release date for WWDC 2013. Moreover, if the analysts are right and the iWatch will not debut sooner than late 2013, then we can be sure that Apple won’t announce its smartwatch in June, as Tim Cook’s guys never unveiled new products months ahead of their market debut, as this is an approach that is more common for the Android smartphone and tablet makers.

iPhone 5S

Everybody is expecting the iPhone 5S and the “not so great” sales of the iPhone 5 are indicating that Apple should hurry up with the launch of the new iPhone model. But will we see the iPhone 5S on June 10th at the opening keynote of WWDC 2013? I’m glad you’ve asked.

You should know that, according to the analysts and?sources?that have word from Apple’s suppliers, the iPhone 5S release date might be in the June – August time frame. Reports are indicating that the next-gen iPhone will debut during a special conference, and, for the time being there are no leaks to suggest that the iPhone 5S will be introduced at WWDC 2013.

Even though it was reported that the terminal has already entered production, there’s a whisper flying around saying that the iPhone 5S release date has been delayed over some problems caused by the fingerprint scanner. It seems that the?Apple is trying to find a coating material that is not interfering with the fingerprint sensor.

Cheap iPhone 6

The third most common rummor regarding the Apple products that will be unveiled at WWDC 2013 is about the presence of the cheap iPhone 6. The?colourful?WWDC 2013 logo checks perfectly with the rumors that are suggesting that the cheap iPhone 6 will be available in 5 – 7 body colors. Almost all the colors of the rainbow are present on the WWDC 2013 logo, but it doesn’t mean that Apple is already telling us that the cheap iPhone 6 will debut at the June event, especially because there is no source out there to confirm that the terminal has entered production.

Most of the analysts say that the cheap iPhone 6 will hit the market this fall or around the Christmas. With no clues to indicate that the iPhone 6 release date has been scheduled?for this summer, I guess that there are zero chances to see the cheap iPhone being introduced at this year’s edition of WWDC.

Bottom Line

You probably are aware of the fact that Apple will not launch the iPhone 5S unless iOS 7 has at least 2 moths of beta testing, and if the iOS 7 beta isn’t made available for download until WWDC ?2013, you can figure out yourself what will happen on June 10th. On the other hand I remind you that Tim Cook himself said the iPhone 5S will be launched this fall. Even so, I guess we will get a lot of interesting surprises at WWDC 2013.