TinyUmbrella Updated To v.6.12.00

TinyUmbrella1 TinyUmbrella Updated To v.6.12.00

You probably know by now, that last week,? Apple released their new? iOS 6.1.2. firmware.? Soon after this move, notcom also made a move by releasing the version of? the app TinyUmbrella, which can be supported in this moment, by all the iOS versions available for the large public. We know for sure that this tool (used to save SHSH blob), doesn’t run on the latest versions of iOS, the 6.1.3, but probably because this one is still in tests.

Even though we heard little about it, we can tell you that Apple is definitely set on improving the security of the new firmware, information which started a lot of rumors among the jailbreak fans. Some say that the exploits used by the evasi0n tool, have been removed from the 6.1.3 firmware. This is one of the reasons why the application TinyUmbrella,becomes very useful if used at its full potential.
A post from the TinyUmbrella blog tells us that the application can be used fully on the iOS? 6.1.2, but that we must not upgrade to 6.1.3 cause then we will completely lose the jailbreak.
We also found notes in a report, posted a few days ago, which confirm the information about Apple’s patches to the security system of the new iOS. We know from one of the members of the evad3rs team, Planetbeing (which gave the Forbes magazine an interview), that Apple totally secured an exploit used by the evasi0n tool, and an essential one,? because it made the jailbreak on this beta iOS impossible for now.
Those of you who already have the new version of iOS 6.1.2 , or if you just installed it in order to get rid of the Exchange bug, then you should definitely use the new version of the TinyUmbrella as well. It is the ultimate tool for saving your blobs, and if you need assistance with that, check out our tutorial section, you will find the guide you need there.
If you can handle the installation yourself, then all you have to do is to download the newest version of TinyUmbrella (which you can find in our download section), and get started with it. But make sure you regard our advices and stay away from the iOS 6.1.3, if you want to keep your jailbreak. Also, in order to avoid any incompatibility issues install the new version on all your devices.