Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Release Date And Specs – What We Know So Far

Galaxy Note 3 400x250 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Release Date And Specs   What We Know So Far

The 2o13 list of devices to launch was very crowded, but now once the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been released, the next two devices to come are the Nexus 5 and the Motorola X Phone. ?Still, while the consumers and analysts are focusing on these devices, there is one more device which the market focuses on. We are talking about the surprise the Samsung company is expected to prepare, and the release date of the so-called?Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

While most of the attention coming Samsung?s way in 2013 has been toward the Samsung Galaxy S4 and its arrival, there are quite a few consumers who are more interested in what it has up its sleeve for the next Samsung Galaxy Note.

For those of you who don’t know the difference in Samsung’s devices, the Samsung Galaxy Note series comes in the scene to complete the S’s options and 100% satisfy the customers. And, while for some of the customers, the Galaxy S 4 is not everything they wished for coming from a smart device, then the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or the 3rd Generation, comes into the scenery.The estimated timing for the device on the market is this year, but in the third or fourth quarter.

When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Note devices, they got to be all over the globe, even if at first they were seen as niche smartphones.The millions devices across the globe were not sold because of a great price deal or any other “catchy” marketing tool, but were sold because of the quality. If?Samsung?Galaxy Note was a good device, its descendant positioned on the market as one of the best Android smartphones. ?Some suggested that it is in top 5 of the best?smartphones?at all the four largest carriers in the United States.

It has become an unwritten rule for the producers to have in plan a new device just a few month after the release of the first version and so was the case with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Right after the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release (which is a good, yet it becomes out of date in the Android smart phone market), rumors on the next device started. From the release date, to specs on hardware and software, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has seized the market.

In the following sub-chapters we shall try ?to focus on five of the specs on the?Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which appear to be close to reality. Also, they are the latest rumors on the topics and should be updated.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Release Date expected in the Q3 or Q4

Even if the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 customers are waiting to leave their device for the improved version, the waiting is not over. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is expected on the market in the second half of this year.

Sometimes rumors argue one against the other, but this time the expected date is clearly the third quarter of the year, the earliest. This is in accordance with what the previous rumors suggested regarding the?possibility?of launching the Galaxy Note 3 in September, at the IFA conference.

Compared to the?announcement?of the Galaxy Note 2 which was at the end of August, things are a little behind. Still, as we already said before, the Samsung company seems to have no interest in releasing the new device anytime soon. This is because the option of buying a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is still a viable one and it will improve in the future, as Samsung is constantly upgrading to Android updates and software features from the Samsung Galaxy S4.

To conclude, if Samsung decides to launch the Galaxy Note 3 in September this year, then the actual release will be in the fourth quarter of the year, ?right about a year after the Samsung Galaxy Note had its first customers. The launching period, if it confirms, would be a good marketing idea, taking into consideration 2 factors: the holidays and the presumed launch and release of the Apple’s iPhone 5S ?which is also said to be coming before the winter season.

2. 32 GB Models? It is possible now because of the pressure

?Why? Because in the last weeks, the Samsung Galaxy S4 owners claimed that they have some issues with the storage space on their smart phone. In other words, the 16GB Galaxy S4 is more a 8GB Galaxy S4 and not what it claims to be.

Still, the owners will be happy to see that there is a microSD card slot on board that allows the extension of the internal storage with a 64 GB microSD card. The problem is that the microSD card can only be used in order to store crucial files. Even if the Galaxy S4 owners have expressed their concern, it seems that the alternatives are not so appealing. At the moment there is only one U.S carrier that confirmed the 32 GB Galaxy S4 memory, while the others still continue to deliver the 16GB version.

So, taking into consideration this recent example, the Galaxy S4 storage limitations could lead to larger Galaxy Note 3 versions, if the carriers will respect the customers’ needs. There is clearly a demand for more storage on the Galaxy S4, even with the microSD card slot, so we are waiting for the future device to see which will be its storage.

Looking back at the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, it arrived in 16 GB form only in the United States. At that point there was no crisis coming from the consumers, still there must have been many who secretly wished for at least 32 GB if not 64 GB for the models which arrive.

Even if not always the problems find a solution, the manufacturers and carriers seem to take into consideration the demands coming from their customers. So, the pressure regarding the storage might have been put, once the Galaxy S4 was in discussion. Now all we can do is wait and see which will be the alternative for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

3.? Samsung Galaxy Note 3 specs are coming to light

At the moment you will be happy to find out that there are some specifications which are clear for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. ?And, if we follow the Galaxy 2 4 rumors which appeared a few month before the launching, then we have some accurate specs to share with you. So, even if there are a few months left until the launching of the device some things are clear, as you will see:

Regarding the display, some rumors have suggested that the device will have a??5.99-inch 1080p display, which means that it will be larger than the Galaxy S4 (keeping the same resolution). ?The massive display remains one of the selling points of the Galaxy Note series.

When it comes to the display, the lucky winner might be the Exynos 5 Octa processor. This processor has not yet made it to the United States, but it is a top-noch performer and it will be the one that will make a difference by bringing great improvements compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the older generation Exynos?quad-core processor.

Also, in order to handle the powerful software, the device is also said to have 3GB of RAM.

When it comes to the camera, rumors say the Galaxy Note 3 will have a 13MP which actually means that it will be the same as the Samsung Galaxy S4 one. This is not a surprise for the Samsung clients, as the Galaxy Note series did not bring great improvements in this area. Still, both the Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy Note take good photos, but not perfect ones, so improvements might be made.

One good reason for which you should?definitely?wait for the ?Galaxy Note is the Android version which will have on board. It will be either the?Android 4.3Jelly Bean or the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. The lucky winner might be announced at the Google I/ O, but no matter which will be chosen, the improvements will be easily seen. While the Galaxy Note 2 was the first device to run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box, we should see something similar happening to the Galaxy Note 3 also.

?4. What about the design? It is still a puzzle

Some might say that the Galaxy Note 3 design will be a mystery until the launch. Not that we know all the details on other specifications, still the design part is a puzzle for the customers. According to rumors, there are three different prototypes, which means that the final Galaxy Note 3 will be presented without having any clue on the chosen prototype.

What Samsung does is actually a good job, even if the company is not able to keep the specification as a secret. The fact that we don’t know about the design creates more and more rumors and?suppositions.

No matter which of the three prototypes will choose, they will be clearly improved versions of what is now on the market. One is said to have metal, which would be far higher than the?Samsung?s other Galaxy designs that are composed of plastic. Another one is said to incorporate??Samsung?s Youm technology which refers to its flexible unbreakable display. This design is said to be introduced by the LG company later this year, so if we will not see it now, we will surely see it. The last prototype is said to be based on the??Samsung Galaxy S4 design and we must confess that it is the most probable. The plastic designs used by Samsung are before the Galaxy S4 arrival and, taking into consideration the demand for this device, the consumers seem not to be ?annoyed in any way of this design.

To conclude, we might say that the Galaxy Note 2 resembled a larger Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S4 came to improve the Galaxy S3 design, so the Samsung might incline to choose this route for the Galaxy Note 3 also. We will be sure only after the launching of the device.

You should not wait for the upcoming devices. Choose the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 meanwhile!

Don’t wait for the Galaxy Note 3 if you want a good device. You can go for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and still have a great choice. The fact that Samsung keeps its devices updated for years is a great thing, as the Galaxy Note 2 might receive an update, even after a few months after its launching.The first to come will be the?Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. And we are sure it will be followed by other updates which will encourage the customers buy the same device.

To conclude, consumers should feel comfortable buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. So, the updates the device will get will be enough for the moment, taking into account that there are still a few months until the release of the Galaxy Note 3. Samsung is not the only manufacturer which uses the updated to a certain version of a device, as Apple does the same. For instance let’s take the difference between the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, there are still many customers who prefer the older version of the device. So, we encourage you to choose the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and become familiar with it.

Also, if you have any other reviews on the item, feel free to address us through the comments section below.