Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Prototype Pictures – Galaxy S4 Looks?

Note 3 Prototype 400x250 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Prototype Pictures   Galaxy S4 Looks?

While we’re all anxiously expecting Samsung’s updated Galaxy Note, the online media seems to be twisting the knife in our patience, as rumors about the next model seem to be pointing towards a new interactive look as well as well as the much rumored flexible display Samsung has invested in so much this year. So, while the release date is expected to be somewhere in September this year, we keep reading chatter about 3 prototypes of the Galaxy Note’s successor, the Galaxy Note 3.

During past weekend we stumbled over a leaked photo of what it’s supposed to be the next Galaxy Note 3, photo which captures a mobile device with a display of 5.9 inches, while the specifications we could see in the image fit pretty much with those related to the next Note 3 and that have been circulating on the internet since the first rumor about the upcoming phablet.

But the publication SamMobile, claims that this smartphone isn’t the actual Galaxy Note 3 and that the photo represents the device Zopo ZP950, one of the no name Android phones, that has a built in 5.7 inches screen. Even though the publication had a few misinterpretations in the past, otherwise they keep a pretty good track of information, received apparently from an inside Samsung source.

Prototypes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Even though they infirm the first info, SamMobile gave us other related details. The editorial stated that their inside source knows about Samsung’s researches and about the?existence of the?Galaxy Note 3 prototypes which are being now tested inside the company’s laboratories. Below you can take a look at most likely the next Galaxy Note 3, or at least some of its first?materialization. The photos are believed to be a piece of info that Samsung supposedly sent to the At&T a couple of months ago.

The three prototypes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are pictured as:

  1. A Note 3 with a new design, different from everything Samsung released so far;
  2. A Galaxy Note 3 with the design inspired from that of the Samsung Galaxy S4;
  3. And the most expected one, a Note 3 wearing a flexible screen.

So far, we have had the chance to see a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 prototype, wearing the same design as the Galaxy S4. The alleged prototype, other than the usual concept of a smartphone, also displays a Note 3 having a flatter and skinnier design, and a?metal stripe? similar to that of the Galaxy S4 and the same round corners but as a plus, less space for the bezels at both the top and the bottom of the device.

The other alleged prototype, the one which shows a Galaxy Note 3 with a completely new design and instead of the plastic case, a metallic one has been placed online at the middle of April. Related to that, there are a few people who believe that this rumor was started by HTC, in order to promote their own HTC One’s metal design. Some of the first rumors appeared about the Note 3 claim that its design is going to be influenced by the looks of the S4, but they also mention another prototype of the Galaxy S4 that never reached the production line.

note3 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Prototype Pictures   Galaxy S4 Looks?

However, the so much chattered Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the model wearing the?intriguing flexible screen is by far the most expected version of those mentioned above. The SEOUL company presented their Youm tech during the CES 2013, and the executives showed samples of gadgets wearing screens curved on the edges of the smartphones, and other high ambition projects.

At the end of March, there was a rumor according to which, Samsung is developing a Note 3 wearing an unbreakable and flexible screen. If this is true, then this screen is the next step needed for updating the technology used in creating more lasting smartphone displays. The same rumor states that the upcoming Galaxy Note 3’s display will have a resolution of 1080P HD and will measure 5.9 inches.

Nevertheless, there are a big amount of rumors online, regarding a flexible display for Samsung mobile gadgets, if you remember, even the Galaxy Note 2 was supposed to have one. Other mobile device manufacturers such as Lg, promised to have a flexible screen incorporated in their smartphone at the end of 2013. Related to Samsung’s flexible display, according to the newest rumors on the internet, it seems that the company is trying to fix a production related issue, which could destroy Samsung’s objectives of putting a flexible screen on the Galaxy Note 3.

Being the main subject of many rumors, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s display has been pictured so far as measuring 6.3 inches or 5.9 inches. We believe that the 6.3 inch screen isn’t Note 3 related, but a part of the line of smartphones called Samsung Galaxy Mega. However, the 5.9 inch display is the most rumored, just as the 4.99 inch display of the Galaxy S4 used to be before its release.