Probable Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date And Specs

Samsung Galaxy S5 400x250 Probable Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date And Specs

We`re sure you are aware of the fact that Samsung Galaxy S4 was released a few months ago, and now all the attention is pointed out to the new flagship handset that Samsung will probably release some time in the spring of 2014. So, you can expect a new Galaxy, most probably S5, to feature a release date somewhere in April -May, next year. As far as we saw, nowadays the technology is moving very fast, and all the devices are quickly evolving. So, you should expect an improved smartphone device due to the flexible displays that might appear since that moment. Actually, we all expect a significant change coming in smartphone tech in the near future.

Now, there`s no surprise that the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will be significantly improved with a powered up processor, greater features, GPU and added RAM, but it looks like lately the priciest smartphone devices are more potent than we actually need. So, the difference will be made by the both software and hardware characteristics as well as the design of the handset.

Seeing how fast the technology department is developing, the trend for the next few years, is expected to be related to a smartphone device which will be able to replace the laptops and the tablets we are all using at the very moment. I think all of you were thinking at least once in your life, to that moment when a smartphone will be able to include a hologram keyboard and a high quality projection which makes the tinny device turn into a home cinema or a PC. And, even though a year is enough for Samsung to come with something amazing on the market, we are? not sure we can expect that kind of? a change in just one year.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs

3D Camera and Displays

It seems that the technology evolved enough to be able to bring out on the market 3D smartphones, but as you probably remember these devices weren’t the best so they disappeared quite fast.? Meanwhile, the technology evolved and we are tempted to believe that Samsung could be capable of launching some high quality glass free 3D display. And, if the device will feature a 3D camera as well,? than you can be sure you`ll improve your smartphone experience. However, we don’t know exactly if this will happen, but we are sure it would be possible if the company would want it to, considering the fact this is the best company around the world when it comes to displays. So, if someone can make a 3D display for the next Galaxy S5, then Samsung will probably be that company.

Due to the evolution of the cameras in the smartphone area, the compact camera sales decreased because? the difference of quality and specs between those two is not that big. Now, we know that it’s not easy to jam such a big sensor? in such a little smartphone, but it`s quite the same if you buy a cheap camera which doesn’t include that sensor either, considering the price of it. Knowing this, we expect that soon we`ll be able to tape 3D videos on our smartphones and see them without downloading them into a PC.


How great would it be to have a projector incorporated in your Samsung Galaxy S5? If you remember, there is Samsung Galaxy Beam but its features are not that good so it didn’t attract much attention. Though, if Samsung will include that in the new Samsung Galaxy S5, they might create a? piece of a smartphone. Just imagine, how awesome it would be to see movies on Netflix directly from your smartphone by using its projector?You`ll be able to see even the videos that you’ve personally tapped with your Galaxy S5.

Now, to be realistic, we know that jamming a high quality projector into a smartphone is not that easy considering the small space they have for the lens. A good lens means more space, but maybe a modest one will be possible using a larger width of course.

Powered up Battery

If you`ll pay attention, you`ll see that a new smartphone always comes with a powered up battery. Though, you`ll see very soon after you start using the phone that the new improved battery is not way better than the old one. And the reason for that is the fact that new smartphones comes usually with larger displays and stronger CPUs, which we all know are bigger battery consumers.

Maybe the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will make us a surprise and it will come out with a much better battery. Instead of improving the features of the smartphone which are already very high and users don’t really need them, Samsung might consider improving the battery life. We believe each of you would prefer a better battery than a 8 -core processor that you don`t really use at its fullest.

Another great feature will be a battery control software that could help you see what apps are consuming your battery and how you can stop them or restrict them somehow, in order to save your battery life.

Updated TouchWiz

We are aware of the fact that many users are not such big fans of the TouchWiz launcher, and they rather change it once they buy a Samsung device. If you think about it, the launcher is not that bad, it looks good and neat, but the users don`t have on it some features that other launchers offer for free. A good idea for Samsung would have been to purchase Nova or Apex and incorporate them in TouchWiz. This way Samsung could bring on the market a more complex launcher for their users.

Another great idea would be an improved app control, because the app drawer is a mess and you need to search a lot in order to find what you need. Would be helpful to manually choose the apps or to have some filters in order to make it easy.

Keep in mind that the launcher is important when you acquire a smartphone. Many users are not aware of this fact, and they don’`t know they can change the launcher. You should know that TouchWiz? launcher is a little harder to work with at the beginning.

Flexible Display

The so talked flexible displays, are waited and wanted by every one, and we are sure that if they are to come out Samsung is the one that can make it possible. We all know they are the best for more than ten years when it comes to displays, so the new Galaxy S5 is expected to be released with a flexible display, like we saw in the CES presentation of 2013.? Don`t expect to see a phone that bends, because this is not what a flexible display means. It actually means that the display will be curved in order to be more functional.

The curved display will give you the possibility to see some info on your smartphone even if your smartphone is wearing a cover. The information on the side will still be available for you to read, but this makes us wonder what about if your device falls, would that side be safe? Maybe Samsung figured out a way to make the smartphone more resistant.This would be a nice surprise.

We are really confident that Samsung will come up with a great product, and that the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will bring something different beside the improved software.

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