Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5 Full Comparison

In this article we will analyze and see how the Samsung Galaxy S3 goes against the Apple iPhone 5, the newest and brightest Apple product. The advantage the Samsung Galaxy S3 has is that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the first smartphone besides the iPhone to exit the hold carriers had on [...]

Apple vs HTC

Apple Settlement With HTC Estimated At $3 billion

Earlier this week, the huge dispute between the Cupertino Company and HTC has reached a settlement. The two companies have dropped all complaints and lawsuits between ?each other and ag [...]

iPhone 5 vs HTC One X

HTC One X vs Apple iPhone 5 full review

If we’re to talk about launch dates, the HTC One X is a much older device than the Apple iPhone 5. But when it comes to hardware, the HTC One X is a worthy competitor of the iDevice, with its 4.7in Super LCD and Tegra 3 CPU. The iPhone 5 is a very promising device, […]

Apple vs Samsung

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 full comparison

The comparison might be called unfair since the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a hybrid between a smartphone and a tablet while the iPhone 5 is just a smartphone. But since they are both fair [...]

Vibrative Virtual Keyboard

Student Creates Vibrative Virtual Keyboard For iPhone

Many folks after seeing the Aatma Studios’s iPhone concept that featured a marvelous holographic keyboard believed that the Cupertino Company was already working hard to develop t [...]

iPad Mini vs Kindle Fire HD

iPad Mini vs Kindle Fire HD full comparison

Since the iPad Mini has just been released and since the Kindle Fire has been making rounds lately in the press, we thought of comparing the two tablets to see what pros and cons they bring and how they are each behaving when it comes to customers. To see how the Kindle Fire HD compar [...]

iPAd Mini vs Nexus 7

iPad Mini vs Google Nexus 7, the 7-inchers fight

There were rumors about an iPad Mini circulating the web long before Apple made the announcement. We took the device’s specifications and compared them to the ones belonging to the Nexus 7, Google’s latest tablet. Here are our findings. Because of its size, the iPad Mini i [...]

Ios 6 Logo Image

What Devices Support The New iOS 6?

Not all of Apple’s devices are supporting the company’s new operating system. Ans since iOS 6 brings in a load of features, most people are wondering “Will my device run iOS 6?”. We’re here to answer that: which device models do run the latest version of [...]

ios 6 Siri

Everything You Need To Know About The New iOS 6 Siri

The new iPhone certainly made waves in the last couple of months. People were ecstatic about the new processor inside, expanded RAM, to say nothing of the new features. But what Apple m [...]

The New iOS 6 Features

What Is New With iOS 6 ?

A lot of people, Apple fans and regular people alike waited for the release of iOS 6. Wouldn’t you want to know what new features the new Apple operating system brings? We made a list just for you, a list that contains the most important ones. To update to the new iOS 6 you firs [...]

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