New iPhone 6 Concept Comes In Multiple Colors That Blend With iOS 7

iPhone 63 400x250 New iPhone 6 Concept Comes In Multiple Colors That Blend With iOS 7

A new iPhone 6 concept drew our attention and this time the concept is presenting a phone with a larger screen, having an aluminum body, seamless color choices and a slender new appearance making the new iPhone 6 a good looking smartphone which is ready to be released from Apple’s labs.

If you remember the other iPhone 6 concepts, you’ll probably remember that most of them were showing a brilliant Apple logo and most likely such a design wouldn’t be appreciated by Jony Ive. But this time, we’re talking about a smooth appearance iPhone 6 concept, so this could be the best concept to show how the future flagship device from Apple could be released in various colors.

The images with this new iPhone 6 concept were presented by The website is showing an example of how they imagine the new iPhone 6 device when the smartphone will be finally released by Apple.

As you’ll see in the images, the iPhone 6 concept features different colors.

iPhone 6 iOS 7 New iPhone 6 Concept Comes In Multiple Colors That Blend With iOS 7

The rumor that always came back was the one saying that Apple will release its next flagship device, iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 featuring multiple color options.? And, we must say that the rumor was the main point in many concepts, but this new concept we saw is the greatest when it comes to the best appearance in combination with colors included in both iPhone and iOS. As you know, the new iOS7 features some parts of the OS that use colors for the background, which means you could enjoy a red background for example. We are pretty sure that this feature presented in the new iPhone 6 concept, could bring an improved color experience.

According to the concept images the new phone will be available in 1o color options, even though this could be a bit to0 much for the new iPhone 6 device, the idea is aiming to mix the color into the front of the phone.? This means that the only cut in color will be the aluminum strip which is placed along the side of Apple’s new flagship device. This particular design makes a very nice break? in color so the gross color and the strip point out even clearer.

As we saw in some other iPhone 6 concepts, when it comes to the iPhone Home button there are some changes in the new design. This concept presents as well the automatic home button being replaced with a touch sensitive home button. Even though the creator of this concept doesn’t give further details related to the way that this sensitive button should work, we are tempted to believe that the change would fit the new slimmer appearance.

It looks like the iPhone 6 concept sports a bigger 4.5-inch screen and a slimmer appearance. Now, if we think at a new smartphone that is larger, slimmer and broader, this means the device will have more space for the battery inside its tiny frame. Another feature is the touch sensitive button that helps you with the volume control. These new sensitive buttons are designed into the aluminum body and we must say that this? is a pretty creative idea, but we are sure that iPhone users would really miss the tactile feel when it comes to the volume controls.

But, according to most of the analysts the iPhone 6 is waited to be released some time in 2014. Instead, the rumors say that an iPhone 5S release could be most likely for this fall, more precisely in September. The same rumors say that the new iPhone 5S will be very similar to the current iPhone 5 bringing only a few impressive features, while the new iPhone 6 is most likely to come out with a total overhaul and a fresh new design.