New iOS 6.1 Vulnerability Lets Users Place Calls From Your iPhone

iPhone Passcode 2 New iOS 6.1 Vulnerability Lets Users Place Calls From Your iPhone

There’s a new security hole found in iOS 6.1, one that will allow people to bypass your Lock Screen, use your Phone app and even listen to all of your voice mails. There’s a YouTube video showing people how to do this on several iOS versions and one of those versions is the latest 6.1. The video shows that anyone can access the phone app even if the iPhone is protected by a passcode. To achieve this hack a user must first be able to turn off the iPhone, place an emergency call and press the power button of the device. We were able to recreate this hack and we assure you it works.

The uploader of the original video states that this should be used to prank your friends or do a short magic show for them. The video is several days old, being posted at the end of last month. The hack can also be applied if the iPhone uses a passcode involving text, not only the one involving a four-digit number – so both options are affected. When you manage to finally get in, you have the option to place a call, browse the photos of the handheld device by using the contact section and listen to all of the voice mails. If you try to do anything else you are thrown back to the lock screen.

As of now there isn’t a fix for this hack but we’re sure Apple representatives have already been contacted and a fix is already on the way. Be sure to safeguard your device in the next few days and check often for updates as this might prove to be a serious issue and you don’t want to end up with a phone bill stating you made a three-hour call to a foreign country. Also don’t try this on other people’s iPhones since we’re not sue what damage this hack could yet do to them.