MacBook Pro And Macbook Air 2013 Model Release Date Probably June 10

macbook pro 2013 400x250 MacBook Pro And Macbook Air 2013 Model Release Date Probably June 10

Are you excited about the WWDC 2013? Then you shall as well be pleased to know that analysts expect upgraded MacBook models such as the Macbook Pro and the Macbook Air to be released during the event.

One of the ones backing up this idea is the popular KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo analyst, who believes the WWDC that is going to take place at the beginning of the summer in San Francisco shall come out with one of the major upgrades in terms of new MacBook Pro devices – the jump from the current processors to the Intel Haswell line of products.

Having said these, we must acknowledge that Kuo had always proved to be accurate with all the news released and with being one step ahead in what concerns upcoming Apple moves, so we do tend to believe the same in this case. He furthermore concludes that we should not necessarily expect to be presented with a Retina display on an upcoming MacBook Air, but that the Intel processor is something in the cards for the company.

As the event has been disputed ever since its date was set, there is one element everybody seems to agree on – we shall not be witnessing an overhaul in what designing is concerned. We should therefore be able to tick the MacBook Air line of products on the list, as well as the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Pro sporting Retina display. The previous one was expected to become obsolete and automatically replaced by the Retina options.

The analysts says that it all comes down to those types of market that do not yet enjoy a full development in terms of Internet access – so it might be here that optical disk drives can still be fully embraced – and he pretty much connects this to the existence of the non-retina MacBook Pro.

Moving further to the bigger markets – the analysts places the most importance and value on the update to the Haswell Intel processor that shall take down the current Ivi Bridge structural design in place. In terms of release timeframe for the new processor, we are speaking of the third of June, just a day before the Computex Taipei event.

It is up to the end of the 2nd quarter that the 2 above mentioned devices are expected to be shipped out, and this would mean that the process shall be in the time proximity of the Worldwide Developers Conference?as well. The high-resolution panels are playing hard to get so this might lead to a delay in the launching of the Retina?MacBook Pro up to some point in late 2013.

The WWDC seems to be having a lot of surprises in store for us, as it has already accustomed us to, and I am looking forward to see all the novelties there are. I am sure you all remember when they revealed the Retina display 15-incher in the MacBook Pro back in 2012.

Let’s just buckle up for the beginning of the summer and check out the WWDC event. As you know, there are no chances whatsover at this point to get your hands on the tickets, as we have witnessed an unprecedented tickets’ selling out.