Jailbreak iOS 6.1 using RedSnow 0.9.15b3

As many of you well know, a few days ago Apple has announced the latest version of the iOS 6.1, in other terms, the beta 2 version. The new beta version comes with iPhone 4, iPad Mini and of course iPod Touch support (build 10B510C). As the name says this new iOS version is aimed at developers only.

If you were wondering what is new with iOS 6.1 beta 2, find out that Apple has not offered a detailed list of the new improvements yet. Some of the features that we managed to find new in the ios 6.1 are:

  1. Siri now comes with improved support and can book movie tickets. A huge plus for movie lovers.
  2. Better error reporting for Apple Maps. I think that by now, there is no iOS 6 user who has not been annoyed by Apple maps errors.
  3. The music controls on the iPhone lock screen got a minor tweak.
  4. A better map kit for users who are searching locations using Apple Maps

The new iOS 6.1 version – the beta 2 was announced exactly one day after its older brother – the iOS 6.1 beta 1, so users who already updated their devices to beta 1 can move forward to beta 2 using the Over-The-Air method. Just go to Setting then tap on General and Software Update. The latest version of iOS 6.1 is also available on our download page. If you encounter any problems while updating to iOS 6.1 beta 2, you can visit our guide here.

There are high chances you ended up here because you are developer and this is why we’ll show you next how to jailbreak your iOS 6.1 device.

Before we start with the actual guide, please make sure you checked the following:

  1. You want to jailbreak a pre-A5 device ( the iPod Touch 4th generation, the iPhone 4, or the iPhone 3GS)
  2. You performed a backup just in case things go wrong and you’ll be able to restore quickly.
  3. You acknowledged that the jailbreak solution we are about to detail next is a tethered one
  4. You are a developer.

Those being said, let’s jailbreak the new iOS 6.1 beta 2.

Jailbreak iOS 6.1 using RedSnow 09.15b3

Step 1. The first step will have to make is to install the new iOS 6.1 beta 2 on? your device. You can do this either OTA or fetching a copy from our Download Page.

Step 2. Head to our download page located here, scroll down to the RedSn0w section and download the latest version – 0.9.15b3.

Step 3: Be sure you have the iOs 6.0 downloaded on your computer. If you forgot to download it, search for your device in our iOS 6.0 firmware list here.

Step 4. Connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable and put it into Device Firmware Update mode (DFU).

Step 5.Run RedSn0w and make sure that your device is recognised as being in DFU mode. It is essential that RedSn0w sees your device this way.

Step 6. Click on the Extras button then select your IPSW. You will have to select the firmware file we discussed about at step number 3. If everything is OK, RedSn0w should correctly identify your desired firmware file.

Step 7. Head back to the first page of the RedSn0w tool and select the Jailbreak option. You should see a progress bar now, informing you that RedSn0w is currently jailbreaking your device. After the process is finished you will be prompted by an options screen.

Step 8. Make sure that you ticked the Install Cydia option. Double check that, it will save you a lot of trouble later if you missed it.

Step 9. Click on the Next button in order go through the rest of the iOS 6.1 jailbreaking process

Step 10. In the end, your iPhone should return to its normal Home Screen.

Step 11. Put your iPhone back into Device Firmware Update mode.

Step 12. Head back to the Extras menu then Select IPSW and reselect your iOS 6.0 custom file again. Please note that this step is crucial because by not selecting the firmware file again will result in an error message.

Step 13. Go to the Extras page or RedSn0w and boot your device.

Step 14.? The RedSn0w logo should now appear on your iPhone’s screen. After waiting a couple of seconds , the device should start again.

Step 15. After you device has finished booting, go to the second page of your iPhone, find Cydia and make sure it works!

Well done! You are the happy owner of a fresh ios 6.1 beta 2 jailbroken device.
Please do not forget that this is only a tethered jailbreak solution for the iOS 6.1 beta 2 and only works with few idevices. If you are curious regarding the jailbreaking process please visit our dedicated Jailbreak Page.

Many thanks to the guys who worked so hard and updated RedSnow to 0.9.15b3 for us to enjoy this awesome jailbreak solution.

What is your opinion? Did it work for you? Did you encounter any problems?

Feel free to leave us a comment!