iWatch can get a Wireless Charging Technology

iwatch 13 400x250 iWatch can get a Wireless Charging Technology

A novelty from Apple, the iWatch smart watch is likely to be equipped with wireless charging. Many Chinese media report this, quoting the Luxshare company, Apple partner and components supplier. iWatch release is scheduled for this fall.

The fact of this kind of Apple gadgets line appearance is expected to create a furor among the fans of Apple technology. The device will be equipped with a good processor and extensive, as for wristwatches, computing power.

Apple the documents and patents previously mentioned inductive or gesture (charging from hand movements) charging. The document even had the illustrations of wireless devices that were charged on the table, being merely in the “recharge zone”. Presently current watches prototypes have the battery capacity of only 100 mAh. For comparison, the smart watches from the Korean manufacturer Samsung, named Galaxy Gear, have a 315 mAh battery!

iwatch 121 iWatch can get a Wireless Charging Technology

The New York Times popular newspaper has already described the interesting experiments of the Cupertino employees with wireless charging devices. The apparent advantage of this method is that you can charge literally any portable device this way: from a computer mouse to the newest iPad or smartphone.

Source: applewit.ru