iPhone 7 With A 4.8-inch Display To Be Released In 2014?

iPhone 71 iPhone 7 With A 4.8 inch Display To Be Released In 2014?

An analyst at Jeffries called Peter Misek wrote recently that he believes an iPhone 5S is now entering production and will be released in June or July. The same analyst believes Apple will soon hold a media event through which it will announce the new SDK of the device. Speculation is this SDK will allow programmers to craft apps and games that could take advantage of 1080p on the Apple TV. But recently Peter Misek told everyone that he doesn’t envision the 4.8 inch iPhone this year. According to him, Apple is to launch a bigger smartphone in 2014.

This is most likely since Digitimes also reported in the last months that an bigger iPhone is coming to the market and that it would be released this summer. Several sources announced that some iPhone 6 prototypes and that one model had a 4.8-inch screen. This model also sprouts a Retina+ IGZO screen, an A7 quad-core CPU and it lacks a home button.

According to Misek, Apple will not launch this until 2014 because the company wants to take another look at how iOS utilizes more than one core of the A7 chip. This would be so that Apple could compete better with Samsung and also iCloud could use better interoperability with iOS. Advertising within apps could also be improved. Another reason could be that Apple wants to take advantage of the TSMC 20-nanometer process but this technology won’t be available until 2014. The current iPhone app processor is using 32nm tech. The iPhone 6 will probably use 28nm tech and will also probably make use of four, even eight cores.

Apple Inc. has recently had talks with TSMC to run a trial manufacturing process on the A6X CPU that is included in the iPad 4. DigiTimes also reports that Apple requested a cutting-edge chip to be manufactured for a breakthrough device.

Misek also writes that the iPhone will not use in-cell display assembly processes and will instead use on-cell OLED or Sharp IGZO panels. The latter offer twice the resolution at only a tenth of the power consumption of an ordinary LCD screen.

Worth noticing is that Tim Crook held a Goldman Sachs keynote in which he didn’t have good things to say about OLED-based technology, so we’re not exactly sure where Apple Inc. is currently heading in regards to this field. What is certain though is the fact that Apple is indeed working on something big and that a new device will probably launched this year, more possibly with a bigger and much better screen. There are plenty of months to go until 2014 and new technology might yet arise or improve. Another thing to note is how Apple is slowly moving towards bigger screens in the last period, possibly as an answer to consumer demand and the latest app development.