iPhone 6 To Feature A 5.7-Inch Screen

Iphone 6 Concept 300x250 iPhone 6 To Feature A 5.7 Inch Screen

What do you think? Can you imagine a 5.7-inch display for the upcoming iPhone 6? From our point of view this is the most weird rumor related to the so waited Apple device, but it looks like a new report given by a Korean source tells us that Apple Inc. is planning to enlarge its palette of products and diversify the size of its smart devices. Now, we must wait and see if this new feature will be included for the iPhone 6 or the Apple iPads having various sizes.

Now, we are sure you remember every single rumor related to the iPhone 6, and most of them reappeared from time to time, but this one now is one of the most incredible rumors we’ve ever heard: the 5.7-inch display. Moreover, the rumor came along with a release date that is expected at the beginning of 2014, when the new iPhone 6 is also expected to be released according to some other reports.

This last rumor came from a Korean IT News source, and we must mention that the original info is related to iPads having various sizes, even though Erik Pineda from the International Business Times is pointing out clearly the iPhone 6 on this matter. Of course, Apple is giving some additional info regarding the IT News original report from Korea.

As we could see, the new report is talking about Apple’s intention to enlarge and diversify the ‘size and variety of their smart pads’. Which practically means that Apple could launch the so waited iPad Mini sporting a new Retina screen, and for sure this will be a change in the matter of variety, but when it comes to the size we are not that sure.? If we take a look at some previous reports though, we find out that Apple could release a bigger iPad, but some other recent reports let us know that a new iPhone 6 sporting a larger display is quite possible, so we are tempted to believe that this is what the last Korean report is talking about. Anyway, the rumor regarding a 5.7-inch iPhone 6 is seen as weird by the majority of? the tech market.

Even though we don’t know for sure if Apple is planning or not to release a 5.7-inch iPhone 6, later in the morning another rumor drew our attention. This new rumor was released by a Korean source as well, but in the name of the Korean Times this time and is mentioning something about the high speed LTE feature? that is expected to be included in the next-gen iPhone. This new info came from a secret SK Telecom manager who reported that there were talks with the Apple company regarding the idea of introducing the LTE-A technology into the iPhone 5S model, but the rumor was of course overhung-ed by Apple.? We are pretty sure that the rumor came out as a result of? Apple’s custom to release an S model after a new iPhone release. Which normally means that the next model should be the iPhone 5S, even though the discussions we’ve recently heard are related to the iPhone 6 as a future release.

Now, if the rumors are true it means that the new technology will offer users the chance to download files at 150 Mbps which means that the speed will double compared to the previous technology. As far as we know, it looks like Apple is planning to introduce the LTE-A technology in Korea in order to see how well the new technology can be commercialized to the costumers, especially those from China.