iPad mini 2 And iPad 5 – Latest Rumors

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In the past couple of months, the Internet was flooded with rumors regarding the upcoming iPhone 5S and the low budget iPhone 5C, but these smartphones are not the only Apple devices that are rumored to be released in the near future. Apple’s tablets are also rumored to be soon replaced by newer models. In this article we will offer you the lates news regarding the iPad mini 2 and the iPad 5.

iPad 5 ? first images of the front panel

Last week we saw a few iPad 5 pictures leak on the Internet; these pictures supposedly show the front panel of the iPad 5. From the images, it would seem that the iPad 5 has been redesigned and it now borrows quite a few things from the iPad mini’s design. The white front panel has smaller bezels than the fourth generation iPad, making the iPad 5 about the same size as the iPad mini, but with a 9.7 inch display.

The leaked pictures were posted by an Australian blogger named Sonny Dickson; of course, his website is advertised as ?the go-to source for Apple news thanks to his many sources and developer skills?, but unfortunately the blogger could not specify a source for the images. Even so, the images look like they could come from an iPad 5 prototype; in the meantime Sonny Dickson also posted high resolution pictures of the iPad 5’s rear shell, in silver.

In early August, website Geek.com also posted leaked pictures supposedly showing the iPad 4’s panel, only in black; the iPad 5 seemed to be about the same size as in the pictures posted by the Australian blogger. This could mean that the iPad 5 will in fact be a full sized iPad mini.

But the question is when will it be launched? A simple guesstimate based on Apple’s past ’12 month cycle’ pattern would point to a November 2013 release. But looking at the last year, when we had two main iPads released (the iPad 3 in March 2012 and the fourth generation iPad in November 2012), we could also assume that Apple might go back to A march 2014 launch for the iPad 5.

iPad Mini 2 ? Rear shell pictures

The same Australian blogger that showed the leaked images of the iPad 5 front panel on its website, also released twenty leaked images showing a silver second generation iPad mini rear shell. The current iPad mini is lighter (by 53 percents) and thinner (by 23 percents) than the main iPad models so it is safe to assume that the second generation iPad mini will be even lighter and thinner. However, the most important change that consumers want to see in the iPad mini 2 is without a doubt a Retina display.

Unfortunately, the leaked photos that the Australian blogger posted on his website don’t give us any clues as to whether or not the iPad mini 2 will include a Retina display. It is worth mentioning that the leaked pictures posted by Sonny Dickson match other pictures that were leaked in early August, by a French website; the earlier leaked pictures were smaller resolution and they showed both the iPad 5 and the iPad Mini 2 rear casing.

Release date assumptions

In a recent article by news site Bloomberg about an upcoming Apple store being inaugurated in Tokyo?s upmarket Omotesando neighborhood; in the article, an anonymous source said that Apple ?plans to introduce new versions of its phone and tablet? at an event scheduled for September 10. After releasing the article, Bloomberg modified it – the article now only says that the Cupertino giant only plans to unveil a smartphone at the mentioned date.

iDigitialTimes had this to say about the whole thing: ?In response to the [initial] Bloomberg statement, Jim Dalrymple of The Loop negated the claims that Apple’s new iPads would launch alongside the iPhone 5S. The blog entry posted Wednesday simply stated, ?Nope. No iPads.? Jim Dalrymple has been following Apple and its product launches for nearly two decades […]?.

Most analysts agree that the iPad 5 and the second generation iPad mini won’t be released in September, but rather at an even in mid October; they also believe that both tablets will be released not long after being unveiled, in early November, this year.

This end of he year will be very busy for Apple but also for the tech community that eagerly awaits to see what innovations Apple will bring with its new devices. And most analysts agree on the fact that Apple needs to innovate as Android continues to assume more and more of the iOS global market share.