iPad 5 And iPad Mini 2 Release Date Imminent Hints Walmart Discounts

iPad mini 2 400x250 iPad 5 And iPad Mini 2 Release Date Imminent Hints Walmart Discounts

Walmart, the giant retailer chain is now selling iPads with $30 less than before, thus hinting towards the release date of the the iPad Mini 2 and the iPad 5.

Stabley Times posted recently an article about Walmart giving discounts for some of the iPads and that it remained out of stock of different iPad models. The evidence of the upcoming launch is represented by this exact combination: price decrease shortly followed by remaining out of stock of that product.

The retail chain dropped the price for iPad models from $329 as in the iPad mini’s case to $299, and these discounts have been present in almost all the iPad versions, including some belonging to the full size iPad.

As a consequence to the drop in prices, soon a few Walmart stores have begun running out of a few iPad configurations such as the high capacity iPad Mini. In Stabley Times we could also find the statement of one of Walmart’s employees, according to which the stocks aren’t going to be replenished in the near future, because it seems to be a delay in receiving the 64 GB iPad mini orders.

Usual clients grow frustrations over the low supply of iPad mini and iPad 4 tablets, coupled with the delayed presentation of the next iPad versions. Some of the franchises claim that they are out of Apple tablets such as iPad mini and iPad 4. Even though we are all expecting anxiously for the upgraded devices to come out, Apple didn’t encourage us at all, besides they might have hinted towards a late launch of the new ?products, with a deadline that will be due at the beginning of 2014.

As the latest reports mention, the iPad mini 2 will have incorporated a display supporting the 2048 x 1536 resolution. Quite courageous approach considering this means almost four times more than the resolution the current iPad Mini can support.??Technically, this resolution will equal that of the iPad 4, which was released last year. Other rumors claim that Apple is working with AU Optronics for the new display.

We also heard about a dual core A7 processor, much powerful than the current one and even a 7.9 inches display. Other interesting specs such as a life battery that lasts for 10 hours, FaceTime HD camera and a iSight camera capable of video recording at 1080 pixels HD. By using the indium gallium zinc code (IGZO) Sharp technology on its displays, Apple is trying to downsize iPad Mini’s thickness.

Regarding the iPad 5, we’ve heard that it’s going to lose the bezels, while its entire shape looks sleeker. Horowitz claims that this new design points out that Apple will be using Sharp’s IGZO display technology ?in order to slimmer the device. According to the same Horowitz Sharp is going through some rough times and the entire production depends on their capability of delivering the components at the right time.

While rumors and suppositions keep flowing, Tim Cook Apple’s CEO has stated during a recent event that there will be no new products until the fall of 2013. That makes us wonder, why thinning the stocks now, if the launch has yet more than three months to come?

Some other reports place in the release of the iPad 5 in October this year, and that of the iPad Mini 2 during the Christmas holidays. We believe that Apple decided to make different launch events for the products, thanks to the appreciation that the iPad Mini has received from the costumers all over the world.