iOS Vulnerabilities To Be Soon Fixed With The 6.1.2 Update

iOS 6.1.2 iOS Vulnerabilities To Be Soon Fixed With The 6.1.2 Update

Yesterday we reported about a nasty Lock Screen vulnerability in iOS 6.1 (one that allowed users to bypass the Lock Screen an make phone calls or listen in to your messages) and then there is the Exchange bug that has been draining battery life in Apple devices. Now there’s good news coming our way since Apple reported that a fix is on the way in the form of iOS 6.1.2. This will be a maintenance update and it will be released to the public before this month will come to an end.

iFun, a German blog, reports that this software update will be labeled 6.1.2 and it will include fixes for these vulnerabilities. The 6.1.2 update should arrive somewhere around February 20, that is next Wednesday. The same blog reports that this info comes from the same source that made an announcement in the past about the imminent (at that time) 6.1.1 release.

In the last days a trick was discovered on the Internet, one concerning devices running the 6.1 Apple firmware. A YouTube video showed how a user could easily bypass a Lock Screen and gain access to photos through the Contacts section of the phone, make phone calls from the same device or listen in to voice messages. Not much else could be done but the possibility of someone making phone calls from your device even though it would be locked is to worry about indeed.

Folks at Apple are aware of the issue and they even released a statement about it, promising a fix in the form o a future software update. Microsoft too offered a fix in conjunction with Apple for a bug that caused Exchange users to have less battery life in their devices than people not using the service. This bug too will be squashed in the future iOS 6.1.2 release.

In trying to keep your device secure you must often check for security updates. You personal data’s safety might depend on it. Although the Lock Screen bug has been around for a few weeks, it has only been recently brought to the attention of websites and Apple Inc.