How To Restore Your iPhone/iPad Using An iCould Backup

iCloud Backup How To Restore Your iPhone/iPad Using An iCould Backup

There may come a day when you will be in need to backup everything from your device, be it an iPhone or an iPad. If you use iCloud, restoring that backup will be a breeze, and you won’t even need to connect your device to a PC or a Mac. You can do this via WiFi.

If you have a new iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad you can transfer your data from backup using these simple steps: unlock your screen and choose your language. Usually the device will show you the languages available in the area you purchased it. Press the arrow at the top-right to continue after selecting your language. Pick your region or country. By tapping on Show more you can extend the list on the screen, but usually the iPod, iPad or iPhone will already have detected the country you’re in.

iCloud Select Country How To Restore Your iPhone/iPad Using An iCould Backup

Next you have to decide if you want to globally enable or disable location services. They use GPS services, cell towers and WiFi networks to determine where exactly your iPhone is. Applications like Navigon use these to guide you while you drive and some apps use them to geotag your photos. Tap the Next button to move on to the next screen.

Pick your WiFi network. It’s better to use WiFi if you have lots of data to transfer to your device. Using 3G will also fill up your phone bill. Pick a WiFi network and press Next. Apple will now activate your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch so be patient until the process finishes.

How To Restore Your iOS Device From An Earlier Backup

Restore From Backup How To Restore Your iPhone/iPad Using An iCould Backup

If you have backed up your data through iCloud and you want it back on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you have to choose Restore from iCloud Backup. Login with your Apple ID by using your e-mail address and tap Next to continue. You will have to agree to the Apple Terms and Conditions, confirm that you have read them and move on to the next screen.

Now you’ll be presented with a list of your latest backups. Pick the freshest one (you can check their exact dates) and begin the restoration process. It may take a while so be patient. Once finished, your iPod, iPhone or iPad will reboot and your previous data and settings will be back where they used to be. The device will ask you to input all your old passwords that were saved by the backup and once that is done it will start re-downloading all your games and apps.

Remember that the larger the backup the more you will have to wait, so be patient. Speed may vary, depending on the strength of the WiFi network you’re connected to.