Jailbreak iPad 2 running iOS 6.1 using evasi0n on Windows

If you are one of the numerous Windows fans and Windows users?out there, this article is addressed to you so just pay attention for a little while, shall you. I am sure you are now wondering what is that important, right? Well we will be showing you in this article how to be able to jailbreak your iOS 6.1 on your iPad 2 by using evasion, so I am hoping this appeals to you. The operating system in question for this is – as mentioned above – Windows, and I will particularly be using Windows 8 as an example, but this doesn?t mean that you can only use the steps on Windows 8, as this process shall apply on most of the Windows versions, so if you are having?Windows 7, Windows Vista or perhaps Windows Vista, then this article is addressed to you in the exact same percentage. But why not go straight down to business, and check out the steps that we can perform to get it done.

As a first step?you will have to make sure you take is to make sure you quickly download the evasion version for Windows, this is the primary condition for the success of this guide.

Then secondly,?you can get to the next step by simply extracting the download you have just performed onto your desktop and in order to be able to activate it, you have to just open the evasi0n folder. Once you have done this, you need to do a right click on the evasi0n.exe file and then simply select Run as administrator. It is now when a User Access Control window should automatically pop up, and all you need to do next is to choose Yes, and we can move on to the next step.

As a third step ?there is not that much to be scared of either. What you have to do now is to check if your iPad 2’s passcode is disabled, just in case you even had one set from the very beginning. If you did not have one anyway, then simply ignore this step. But if do have one set up, then you need to disable it, and in order to do so you will have to simply go to ?Settings, then to General, then also to ?Passcode Lock ?and as soon as you reach this, you can disable it by and pressing the Turn Passcode Off. Now you understand why I said it wasn?t too hard.

This is Step 4:?We are getting into more detail. It is now when you have to plug in your iPad 2 to your PC. Just a quick note letting you know to expect evasi0n to be able to jail break any device running iOS 6 and above, but will not be able under any circumstances to do a jailbreak on the Apple TV. That?s simple.

The fifth Step. ?Your iPad 2 should now be detected by evasion and it should be able to show this to you. Once you make sure that your iPad 2 has been indeed detected, we are not that far from the very end. It is now when you will see the Jailbreak button activated and you will also be able to click on it. Just a few more steps and we are getting there.

Step 6:?I already feel closer to success. It is now time to get to action, so let’s hurry the process up. To make sure we get it going with the jailbreak process, just click on the Jailbreak button, and we are now on the right track, but do make sure you pay good attention to the next step, where we are going to test your patience limits.

Step 7:?So as I mentioned, just chill down for this step. You will have to be a little more patient starting from now on as there are a few steps that evasi0n has to go through, and you need to stick around while they are performed. What will now happen ? to give you a more general perspective of what we have in store for you now ? is that it is now the start point of the preparation of the jailbreak data, then rebooting of ?the device, uploading Cydia as well, injecting the jailbreak data afterwards, and also ending with the uploading of the Cydia packages list. But while there are a few steps involved in this process, you will not have to contribute with anything at all, but with your patience. So once you make sure you have that, evasion will do it all for you, which is pretty cool.

Step 8:?Once all of these have been completed, you will have to simply unlock your iPad 2 and you will know you need to do this, as Evasi0n will ask you for it. So make sure you check this out ? go on to the Lock screen, where you have to perform a Slide to Unlock your device, and once you do this you will immediately see a new app icon (located on the second page of the Home screen) that goes under the title of ?Jailbreak?. Now listen carefully. You need to tap this Jailbreak app icon once, and I will highlight here the importance of tapping it just once. Once you do this, what will happen is that the screen should go black instantly and then return to the Home screen as soon as that happens. Did you remember to simply tap the Jailbreak icon once, right? This is really important.

For step 9,?things are getting even more close to the very end, so do have the patience for a few more steps and then we are done, I promise. What happens next is that you will keep seeing messages that evasi0n will display, and I am referring to messages such as injecting jb data, and Root Filesystem successfully remounted. It is now also possible that your device (iPad 2 in this case) might at this stage reboot itself, and this can happen more than just once too. I must also warn you not to be surprised if the first reboot might take a little bit more than normally, so you will have to resort to all your patience once again, but the result will be the one we are hoping for. You can go grab a coffee, but don?t interrupt this process under any circumstances. The last step is almost here.

Step 10:?Congratulations for getting here. Thanks for being patient while the jailbreak process was still in progress. It means now that its completion is here and evasion will not fail to let you know that it is indeed ?Done.? You can be relieved now. A ?big evasi0n logo will also now be showing up on your iOS device screen, and this might happen either just once, or perhaps twice, ending up by finally lingering on the screen for a little while afterwards. Once this ends, you will be simply be taken to the Lock screen, from where there are only a few more steps to take, and you shall have to Slide to unlock your iPad 2 device and as mentioned before, the Cydia icon on your Home screen?s second page should now be visible.

Now that we have went through the steps together ? I can only congratulate you on having your iPad 2 jailbroken! I do hope that it has went smooth for you too, and as an additional note, just make sure you enable your phone?s passcode once more (the one you have previously dezactivated in Step 3).

I repeat what I have started with from the very beginning ? and that is to highlight that this process is particularly addressed for Windows users, but make sure you check our site out if you are not a Windows, but a ?Mac user and not only.

When it comes to the jailbreaking of the Apple TV 2, then we are not quite there yet ? and I suggest we keep an eye on FireCore, the guys that have worked on the Seas0nPass jailbreak solution for Apple TV.

We have finally reached the very end and we can proudly state that our iPad 2 has been now jailbroken on iOS 6.1 with evasion for Windows! If there is anything else you set your mind on doing ? just give us a shout and we will try to help, as we always have. Thanks for staying tuned with us and please give us your feedback on the topic.