How To Fix Your Disabled iPhone After Entering In Wrong Password

iPhone Disabled How To Fix Your Disabled iPhone After Entering In Wrong Password

We all hate people who are curios about our conversations, starting with sms, ending with e-mail or chats. That’s why passwords have been created. A password for any of the following devices iPhone, iPad or iPod is the most sure way to keep your private conversations only for yourself, but there might be some disadvantages also. For instance, what if one day you forget your password or happen to be in a hurry and do not focus on the password you enter and it is wrong? ?Your perfect private world can immediately become an impossible world to enter in, if the wrong password is being entered repeatedly. So this is how you get to see on your own phone a red message which tells you your iPhone is disabled. What you do in this case? Follow the steps below and soon you will re-enter your world.

So, entering the wrong password more than 6 times, will display one of the following messages (according to the device): The common word is “disabled”, adapted to each device:

  • iPhone is disabled, try again in 1 minute
  • iPad is disabled, try again in 1 minute
  • iPod touch is disabled, try again in 1 minute

You can continue the attempts, but at one point it might show you on the screen the following message: IPhone/iPad/iPod is disabled, connect to iTunes.

Three situations are eventual: you already have your smartphone synced with iTunes/ you don’t/ you don’t have access to a computer. Each of them is explained in the following paragraphs.

Now, here is the situation where you connect to iTunes if you already have your device synced with the program. If this is the case, it will help you change the password with a simple reset. Just follow the next steps:

Your device has already been synced with iTunes

1. Couple the smart phone or other device to the computer. Pay attention to connect it to a computer you regularly open iTunes with (so that it is already synced)

Note: iTunes might ask you to enter the password – then you should try another computer already synced – if there is one. If not, you should follow the steps from the next situation: Your device was not synced to iTunes before

2. See the left column and right-click the device. Then click Back up

3. The back up will be in progress. When finished just select the Restore option.

4. After this process, it is recommended to restore from the last backup created on the device

Your device has never been synced with iTunes

If an error saying that iTunes was not able to connect to the iPhone/iPad/iPod appears, do not worry.It will ask you for the password, but just follow the steps in order to unlock it

1. The USB cable should be disconnected from the device, but it should still be connected to the computer’s USB port at the other end.

2. The device should be turned off. How? Just press the Sleep/ Wake button and hold. After the red slider appears, slide it and just wait for the device to turn off.

3. Press the Home button and hold. While doing this operation, reconnect the other end of the USB cable to the device. It should immediately function.

4. Keep holding the Home button until the message which tells you to connect to iTunes appears. When this appears, just stop holding.

5. At this point you should be announced by iTunes that a device which is in recovery mode has been found. Now click on the OK option and then Restore in order to have access to your device

If there is no computer in the approach

You can use the Find My iPhone application and select Remote Wipe in order to restore the device. If the application used for backup before was iCloud, you can reset the password by restoring the last backup found in the memory.