Google Glass To Have Enterprise Apps By Early 2014

glass 1 v1 620x405 620x405 400x250 Google Glass To Have Enterprise Apps By Early 2014

Enterprise apps are applications used in organisations, such as a business or a government. At first glance, Google Glass is not exactly ideal as an enterprise product, many people being skeptical about Google Glass’ relevance to enterprise customers. Yet, that does not stop people from trying to match Google Glass with the enterprise.

A tech company from Manassas, Virgina intends to develop a series of enterprise apps for Google Glass, which the company expects to be ready by 2014. The same company recommends other companies to start internal testing Google Glass as soon as possible.

Dito (a company that offers services for Google apps) co-founder Dan McNelis, mentioned in a recent interview with the IDG News Service, that his company is in the “early stages with customers on identifying the specific requirements and use cases where they’re going to want to develop applications for Glass“. Dan McNelis’ company is also developing Glassware. Glassware are apps that plug into the Glass API and work just like all the other Google Glass apps.

Dito’s current project involves building business information modeling applications for a construction company that was not named. Dan McNelis said that the final app will give a first person view of a construction site, which will allow workers to move in the virtual three dimensional construction site. As Google Glass is modular, this kind of scenario may integrate hard safety hats for construction workers.

McNelis also warned companies interested in developing enterptirse apps for Google Glass: “[…] be wary of the fact that especially if you’re building enterprise applications, it’s smart to start thinking about it. But I wouldn’t recommend an organization pushes all in and makes it a core part of their business around apps. It’s still early days for that“.

McNelis finished the interview saying that when a stable and healthy ecosystem begins to form around Google Glass and when the wearable tech matures, then it would be the best time to? use their company’s own apps to demonstrate the quality and capabilities of the tech in their enterprise setting, thus assessing what benefits or drawbacks Google Glass has.