Dual SD Card Slots For Galaxy S5 And Galaxy Note 3

galaxy s5 dual sd welcome 150x150 Dual SD Card Slots For Galaxy S5 And Galaxy Note 3

Despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has just been released this year, we are already anxious to discover the new Samsung Galaxy S5. This got us thinking about the features we would like it to include, and we also tried to see what Galaxy S users would like from the Galaxy S5. It seems that many users would like dual SD card slots for the upcoming Galaxy Note 3, which made us consider that the dual SD card slots feature would also be interesting for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

There is a consensus among Galaxy Note 3 rumors, about its release date: all the rumors point to a Galaxy Note 3 unveiling at the IFA event? that will be held in Berlin, this September. There are many rumors about the the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and we tired to see what would users like to see. One of top requests for the upcoming Galaxy Note 3, is dual SD card slots, with one of the slots switched on at any given moment. We think this is a great idea because sooner or later we are all confronted with the small storage capacity problem of our smartphones, as we use them almost all the time and constantly add things to their limited storage memory.

One of the main drawbacks of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was storage capacity.At least that is what many users see as the biggest mistake that Samsung made regarding their previous phablet, even though we think that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a pretty amazing phablet. Some of you may know that Samsung recently released an update that allows you to run apps from your Galaxy Note 2’s SD card. This is a way that can help free more of the phablet’s internal memory and while it is not the ideal solution, it does help a bit with storage capacity issues.

Many users think that for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3,? the ability to run apps from an SD card should come at launch. This feature, coupled with dual SD card slots would do wonders regarding storage capacity, because it will allow users to run apps from one SD card (that will always or at least most of the time will remain in the phablet), while on the other SD card they will be able store music files, movies, pictures etc.

It seems that the dual SD card slots idea is very popular among users that want extended? internal memory. This idea will be certainly very appreciated by those customers that wold like to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung could include dual SD card slots with the Galaxy S5.

We would like to know what you think of this idea – Sasmung including dual SD card slots with the Galaxy Note 3 and with the Galaxy S5. Would you like this to happen and do you think it’s a real possibility? You can leave your comments and thoughts in the comments section below.