Download TinyUmbrella 6.10.00 With iOS 6.1 Support

TinyUmbrella1 Download TinyUmbrella 6.10.00 With iOS 6.1 Support

If you opened this link you probably know that TinyUmbrella is used in order to downgrade, restore or update when it comes to iDevices. It is a common tool used for jailbreaking the iPhone. Actually TinyUmbrella is a combination of 2 tools which were used earlier, Umbrella (used to save the SHSH file on your iDevice) and Tiny TSS (local server for playbacking your saved SHSH files while you use iTunes in order to restore the device). What is important is that the tool requires both Java and iTunes ?installed on the device.

Recently it has been said that things are not so pink for TinyUmbrella as it has become less useful through the fact that downgrading is not a rapid process anymore. Still, NotCom, which is TinyUmbrella’s “parent” has decided to release a new improved version of the tool, which is TinyUmbrella 6.10.00. The first improvement is that this version has support for the iOS 6.0.2 and iOS 6.0.1. firmware. This is good news, as the tool gives you the chance to save your iOS 6.0.2. or iOS 6.1. SHSH blobs just in case you decide to downgrade back to iOS 6.0.2. or iOS 6.1. in the future. What is more important is that you can also update to a non jailbroken firmware version.

NotCom recently stated that they are still trying to come on the market with a better version of the actual TinyUmbrella, but at the moment it is not clear when it will be launched or how it will be different compared to the other versions already available. This post might be found on their official site, just in case you want to confirm the information. What is clear though is that the recently released ?tool now includes support for iOS 6.0.2. and 6.1. They say that the rewrite of the existing tool will include auto updating and much cleaner code. Still, there is a long way till there. Also, they say that the updated version might have some open source modules on github or bitbucket.

Still, TinyUmbrella is a very useful tool when it comes to jailbreaking and it is easy to be used, as you can find articles which help you jailbreak with this tool “step-by-step”. If you are interested in downloading the latest available version, which, as we said earlier is TinyUmbrella v6.10.00, then you can just browse our site and go to the downloads section or, even more simple, use the links provided in order to download it.

Please take into consideration that there are 2 different versions depending on the operating system, either Windows, either Mac OS X.

Download TinyUmbrella v6.10.00 for Windows, following the link

Donwload TinyUmbrella v6.10.00 for Mac OS X following the link

Do not hesitate to write to us either in the comments section, either on e-mail, in case you have any other questions regarding the usage of the tool.

Note:?A recent update on the official site said that NotCom has released an improved version, which is 6.10.02a. If you would like to try this one, follow the provided link from the Jailbreak section or follow one of the links bellow, according to the operating system:

Download TinyUmbrella v6.10.02a for Windows, following the link

Donwnload TinyUmbrella v6.10.02a for Mac OS X following the link

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