Download iFaith Version 1.5.1

iFaith Download iFaith Version 1.5.1

If you got to this article, you either know what is iFaith and you are happy that it has released a new and impoved version (we are talking about?iFaith 1.5.1) or, the alternative is that you got here because you heard of iFaith ?but you are not sure what it is used for.

Well, we shall take the 2 options one by one, as after knowing exactly why it is helpful, you’ll probably want to download it.

What is iFaith?

iFaith is a tool that helps you save the SHSH blobs and APTickets (APTickets are used by iOS 5.0 and newer versions and they are new types of SHSH blobs). Actually, you can save the SHSH blobs on the device with a firmware version which can’t be used with TinyUmbrella or other similar tools??Also, if you are interested in downgrading your A4 iOS device to another version than the existing one, you can use iFaith. ?What you should know is that Apple doesn’t sign the firmware at the moment, but if you want to install the firmware again, after using it, you can back up the SHSH data directly from the device

Updates of iFaith

iFaith is developed by iH8Snow and an update is being expected on the market for more than half-year. Together with the release of iFaith v1.5.1 came great code improvements and the market was satisfied. ?Actually, the new version of iFaith includes many improvements, such as: fixed bugs, new firmware support and others, which you will discover browsing it. Still, in order to convince you to download it, you will find a list with the most important improvements below. Take it into consideration and explore iFaith with its new updated version, which includes the following:

1/ The first and the most important is the code improvements

2/ It has Check for Update code

3/ ?You can leave iOS?5.1.x/6.0.x/6.1 on some devices. These are:??iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3, and?A4?devices.

4/ Payload rewrite The new version of iFaith has payloades in order to bump up performance

5/ Good news for iPod Touch 2G users:?3.x.x IPSW creation enabled

6/ For the newer models of idevices (such as iPhone 4 8GB, iPod Touch) it has fully fixed NAND

7/ iFaith also fetches SHSH blobs for the iOS Apple latest versions and submits them to Cydia.

8/ The last, but not the least improvement we present is the fact that all devices can have SHSH blobs for the latest iOS firmware by following some steps. You should go to the button that tells you to??Show available SHSH blobs on Server? , tap on it and then follow the step-by-step instructions. You will also get to Cydia from here.

Still, you will not be able to use the SHSH blobs you have for?A5(X)/A6(X) ?devices, but maybe the future versions of iFaith will contain this improvement too.

What you should also know before downloading iFaith is that:

– devices which have an A5 and A6 chip don’t have DFU exploits or low-level iBoot, you won’t be able to downgrade or dump SHSH blobs.

-you can use iFaith to fetch SHSH blobs from the firmware Apple has at the moment (now it is iOS 6.1) . If you have the SHSH blobs for the current firmware version, then it will be easy for you to keep the same firmware version in the case you need to restore your device. So, ?it won’t be necessary to upgrade to another version.

If you are convinced that this is a good tool for what you need at the moment, you can download the v1.5.1 version from the special download section which can be found on the site or from the direct links provided.

You can do this operation only if you use Windows as an operating system. If you are a Mac user,then you won’t be able to, as it is still a version in progress.

Window 8 has a special treatment, so you will need to follow the provided tutorial in order to run iFaith on the device.

iFaith 1.5.1 can be downloaded from here.

Did you already download iFaith? Were you satisfied with the improvements? ?Share your impressions with us. Meanwhile, if you want to find out the latest news in this area, you can connect to our social media channels. We invite you to like us on Facebook, or choose Twitter and Google +, in order to be updated. It’s up to you!