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More than a week ago, when Apple released iOS 6.1.1, we informed you that besides fixing a few bugs and improving the Japanese Maps App, the 6.1.1 iOS update did not do much to patch any of the vulnerabilities that made it possible for evasi0n to Jailbreak iOS 6.1 iDevices. Almost two weeks after releasing the 6.1.1 update for its mobile Operating System, Apple released iOS 6.1.2 earlier this week. This new version of iOS was released with the purpose of fixing a few critical bugs: the Exchange calendar bug was fixed (it was a bug that dramatically reduced the device’s performance as it lead to increased network activity and reduced battery life) and also the Passcode glitch was fixed, a glitch that compromised the security of your iPhone.

Fortunately, as it was the case with the 6.1.1 update of iOS, the 6.1.2 update also does not address the vulnerabilities in Apple’s mobile Operating System. Of course, that also means that from the moment of the new iOS firmware’s release there was only a matter of time until the Evad3rs team would have updated their Jailbreak tool, evasi0n, to support the new iOS firmware. And that happened not long after IOS 6.1.2′ release, as the Evad3rs updated their Jailbreak tool, evasi0n, to version 1.4.

Download Evasi0n 1.4

You will need the new version of evasi0n only if you have already updated your iOS firmware to the newly released 6.1.2 version and you plan on Jailbreaking your iDevice. Otherwise, if you have an already Jailbroken iDevice, there is no reason to get the new 1.4 version of evasi0n because outside of support for the newly released iOS 6.1.2 it brings nothing new to the table. But even if you do have an already Jailbroken device, you may want to update to the new version of iOS simply because the bug fixes it brings increase your iDevice’s security and improve performance so it is really a good idea to update. In that case, to update from an earlier version (like iOS 6.1.1) to the newly released iOS 6.1.2 and also keep your Jailbreak, you will have to follow these steps:

  • first you have to backup your iDevice
  • after you backup your iDevice you have to restore it to stock 6.1.2 with iTunes (not OTA)
  • now you can simply use the 1.4 version of evasion to Jailbreak your device (you can find in depth ‘how to’ guides on using evasi0n here on, for both the Mac OS X and Windows OS versions of evasi0n)

If you do want to update to iOS 6.1.2 (or if you already updated to the latest iOS firmware) and you need to get the latest version of the evasi0n Jailbreak tool, you can visit our dedicated Jailbreak tools page here. You can also search our site for articles on how to Jailbreak your iDevice using evasi0n in case you do not know how the evasi0n tool works – we have many articles, one for each iOS device supported by evasi0n.

You can find Evasion version 1.4 on our Download Section here.