Cheaper iPhone Model To Hit The Market In Late 2013

Cheaper iPhone Cheaper iPhone Model To Hit The Market In Late 2013

A few time ago there were some rumors regarding the news on the market for the second part of the year 2013. It revived yesterday, brought by The Wall Street Journal. An Iphone for $99 or, the worst scenario $149 (according to Bloomberg sources) sounds great for each of the customers that aim at a smart phone. Still, this will be intended for emerging markets where people use to buy the handset together with the data plan rather than only the handset. The sum would be perfect for those customers who do not want to subsidize their payment installment for a subscription.

Actually, if we follow the story, the plan is for Apple Inc. to gain customers in the countries which are not yet in the top sales. In an interview, a person who knows about these plans, said that the new potential version of the iPhone will ?have 2 benefits: smaller and cheaper. Cheaper is the word iPhone is working on for 11 months now, but its worth it if the retail prices remain the communicated ones: from $99 to $149.

Taking into account the fact that the negotiations are still secret, the person asked to remain secret.

In the report it is stated that the device will contain cheaper parts, but, at the same time, it will be smaller than the original iPhone present on the market. This comes in direct contradiction to the rumors which said that it will have a larger display, somewhere at five inches.

The persons?implied?in the project declared to Bloomberg that Apple’s project for multiple wireless networks is taken into consideration also for another version of iPhone. Also, the plan was brought in to at least ?one of the top US wireless companies, which means it is at least in debate. One possibility would be that Apple debates this project with T-Mobile, this being the only provider without iPhone.

What is sure is that Apple products will be available for USA through T-Mobile in a few months. Also, T-Mobile has a 4G unlimited data package, which would fit in with the “affordable iPhone mini”, a definition that the press uses for this product.

In fact, what is more is that in Germany the ?4 G Data?plan with no annual contract is announced to be available at CES. The Unlimited Nationwide data plan costs $70 per month and it has the data, voice and text included. What to wish for more?

Bloomberg sustains another affirmation according to which this low-cost iPhone came to Apple from the fact that the market in emerging markets is way higher for Android smart phone.

DigiTimes has other information already published last week. It seems that some suppliers have already seen the new low-cost iPhone prototype. This information led to a new track: the iPhone mini will actually have a large display, larger than the one already existent, maybe ?it will reach even five inches diagonally. When it comes to the exterior design, this will also be a surprisingly new one.

A 5 inched iPhone would actually be a transit, as for many years iPhones had a display of 3.5 inches. Only in September 2012 the screen became larger, measuring 4 inches. In fact, compared to Android users whose handsets are up to five inches diagonally, iPhone users are now in loss.

In fact, the best selling smart phone for the second part of 2012, Samsung Galaxy S III, has a bigger display, this measuring 4.8 inch.

The DigiTimes Report was taken over by the Wall Street Journal, which added that the new iPhone will be a cheaper one but resembling to the original, that only the body will be different. One assumption was regarding the shell which might be made of polycarbonate plastic, this would help the cost and still keep the design. Also, it can come on the market as a mix of design out of the previous iPhone models.

Yet, all the above are rumors as Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg are not official Apple sources. The next source expected to come after these is The New York Times.

It is not sure that the product will be available as it is expected (in the second part of 2013), as Apple might decide not to release it. Also Wall Street Journal stated that Apple is developing the idea of such a handset for a long time now.