Best Cydia Tweaks

Best Cydia Tweaks Best Cydia Tweaks

This is iOS Doc Best Cydia Tweaks section. Here you will find the best tweaks for your jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Check the tweaks listed in here and see how they can make your life easier and enrich your experience with the iPad, iPhone and your iPod Touch.

If you decide to jailbreak your device you will find that there are thousands of Cydia tweaks that you can make use of on your iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Not all of these are useful and not all are worth actually installing. Some are poorly designed, some are first attempts at crafting an application. Given this, we tried to make a list of those tweaks that are actually worth trying out or installing. Consider them must-haves if you will.

Do keep in mind that whenever you install a tweak from Cydia you are prone to lower battery life. Not all of them are optimized as the apps you will find in the App Store and in most cases there is a reason why people chose to make them available in Cydia instead of the official Apple App Store. Tweaks also modify the way your core OS is functioning so you might see a decrease in performance with some of these. We are recommending you thoroughly research every tweak we list here to see if it would benefit you. Also, keep in mind that by the time you read this hundreds of tweaks have already been updated and have fixed previous issues. The tweaks we listed here are not grouped by factors so please take the time to inspect them all. At the very list read what they can do and decide afterwards if you really need any of them. Some might even make your life easier.

Here are the best Cydia tweaks for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


Here is a tweak that will enhance the Notification Center in such a way that things important to you will pop out and be more to your liking. If you fiddle with the Notification Center a lot you are sure to find this useful. With IntelliScreenX you can set up pages for Twitter, RSS, Facebook and you email account. IntelliScreenX is accessible from the lockscreen so at a glance you will be able to see all the mentioned information. The tweak will keep you social enough to be worth installing on your iOS device.


This is one of those tweaks that have been around for a long time and one of the reasons people chose to jailbreak their beloved devices. With SBSettings you can access your toggles with the help of a gesture (for example you can pull down from the direction of the status bar or swipe across the status bar). There is a variety of toggles to be had with SBSettings and some of these that are worth mentioning are Airplane Mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G and Brightness (to name just a few). There are tens and hundreds of these to be had with SBSettings.


Swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen towards the top part and you can bring up the multitasking bar. This Cydia tweak will also allow one to change between running apps by sliding from right to the left or from the left to the right on your iOS screen. You can even close apps by swiping upwards.


SBSettings, the tweak we have already mentioned above is one of those tweaks that make use of Activator. Activator will enable a user to launch an app or a tweak from Cydia by a simple swipe on the screen. With the same type of gesture you can change your screen brightness, change the currently playing song in the Music app, unlock the lock screen and many more. With the help of Activator your life will be much easier since you will be able to do things faster than before. many other Cydia tweaks have Activator as an integrating component and they make use of the features it brings. Many tweaks use it in such ways that you will be able to activate or launch apps and features by performing gestures not only on your home screen but also from within running apps or directly from the main lock screen.


This is the swiss army knife equivalent to your iMessage app. It greatly enhances the functionality of iMessage and makes sending SMS messages a breeze. It has an extensive – and we mean extensive – set of configuration options. Among other things it allows you to manage templates for your SMS messages, set passcode locks, schedule certain sms messages and add custom signature texts to your messages. Major features of BiteSMS are the ones named Quick Compose and Quick Reply. With Quick Compose you can compose an SMS message from anywhere on your iPhone. Quick Reply will do the same thing for messages you want tot reply to – meaning you will be able to reply to SMS messages from anywhere on your iPhone. This can come in handy if you are currently in one app that you wouldn’t want to leave but still need to reply quickly to someone that has just sent you an SMS message.

Springomize 2

This is the grandfather of all customization apps. There are certain apps in Cydia and the App Store that will allow on to configure and enhance certain aspects of their iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch devices. Springtomize 2 gathers all these features into one grand application. The app will allow you to change virtually any aspect of your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Money-wise you will be better purchasing this application than spending a lot more on several apps that do the same thing, each with its own portion. If you like to configure your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch or want to change the look your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch has, then you must install and try Springtomize 2.

Dashboard X

Are you in need of extra widgets for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch? Dashboard X does just that: is brings the option for you to install widgets anywhere on your SpringBoard (the home screen of your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch). Dashboard X can take Notification Center widgets and place them on your SpringBoard. It can do the same with widgets that are Dashboard X-specific. The app also has a Activator function that will display several available widgets.


Do you need eye candy for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch? Try Unfold. This tweak comes with a fold to unlock effect that is applied to the homescreen of your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. it looks awesome and it can be used to impress your friends.


By default, Apple won’t let you have access to all of the files inside your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. System files are kept hidden from view because modifying these could mean your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch will stop functioning properly or altogether. With iFile these restrictions are lifted and this file explorer app will allow one not only access to all the files in your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch but also a way to modify these. If you are adventurous or have at least basic UNIX knowledge, this tweak should prove very useful. With iFile you can view the file system of your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, change permissions for files, view and edit these files as you wish. It can also handle a variety of music files and video files.

Infini Tweaks

There is a series of tweaks that are generally called the Infini tweaks. These are InfiniDock, InfiniFolders and InfiniBoard. These will take your SpringBoard and make it do things you didn’t think of as possible. If you want to get the most out of your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, then you should try these tweaks as they will allow you to have more features on the homescreen of your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

GridTab for Safari and Tab+

This is a combination of two jailbreak tweaks called GridTab for Safari and Tab+. They will allow you to open up a wide range of tabs in Safari and you will be able to view these in a grid made out of 2×2 or 3×3 layouts. The layout is good-looking on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and having more tabs opened doesn’t affect the overall experience of Safari.


If you miss parts of the desktop feeling from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch you should consider Gridlock. The tweak will allow one to grab icons and place them anywhere the user wants. You can drag and drop icons on the screen and rearrange them to your liking.


This tweak brings a unique transition effect to your Springboard. It turns your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into a 3D desktop that can make use of various transition effect, all of them 3D. Every time you are sliding to a new page the effect will make your Springboard look like it is part of a Sci-Fi movie.

SpringBoard Invaders and SpringBoard Breaker

This is a nice one. An additional page on your home screen is transformed in such a way that you will be able to play games with the icons on the homescreen of your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. play space invaders or block breaker using your Springboard icons.


Ever thought of having biometric security on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch? You can have it now with RecognizeMe. The tweak uses facial recognition technology to determine if you are the owner of the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch it is installed on. The tweak will take several pictures of you and the Face Trainer will slowly learn the way you look. Then you get to lock your device and the moment you pick your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch up again, using the camera of the device the RecognizeMe tweak will unlock your device.

Winterboard and Dreamboard

Winterboard used to be the original theming platform for the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Dreamboard came after that. Both can change the look of your device and the difference between the two tweaks is that Winterboard will have to re-spring your desktop to apply one of its themes while Dreamboard can do it in a couple of seconds. If you are tired of the old look of your SpringBoard you can install Winterboard or Dreamboard on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

3DBoard and DeepEnd

These two tweaks will use your device’s internal sensor to make your icons appear as if they were 3D. DeepEnd is a free app while the 3DBoard one costs $2.99.


If you have ever wanted to get rid of the lock screen on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, you can do it with NoLockScreen. The tweak will make your lock screen disappear and it will take you directly to your main home screen the moment you press the home button or the power button. The best thing is that if you get tired of it, you can disable it from the Settings app.

WeatherIcon and LiveClock

WeatherIcon is one nifty Cydia tweak. it will make your Weather icon display real-time weather information the way your calendar icon displays the day and date of the month. If it is sunny outside, the Weather icon will display a Sun; if on the contrary it is raining outside at the moment, the Weather icon will display a cloud with rain coming out of it. The LiveClock tweak does the same to your Clock icon, making it display time on the home screen in real time. By default, the clock icon on your home screen will always display 10:15. With the help of this tweak you can make it so that it displays the real time.

Safari Download Enabler

By default, iOS will limit the type of files you can download via Safari. With the help of Safari Download Enabler these limits are lifted and you will be able to download any file type you wish on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Another tweak worth looking into is Safari Download Manager.


If you miss the official functionality that apps installed from the App Store have, you can have the same for your apps that were installed through Cydia. With the help of CyDelete you can delete any app installed from Cydia directly from the Springboard, just as you would do with app that have been installed on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch from the App Store.

AndroidLock XT

If you grew tired of the old Slide to Unlock lockscreen you can now have the same functionality that Android device have, meaning that you get to unlock the screen of your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch by drawing a correct pattern on the screen.

There are a ton of tweaks we didn’t include here, tweaks that do wonders for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. There are also Siri tweaks that you can install from Cydia. Among these are Hands-Free control and AssistantExtensions. There are also a number of Siri Hacks and Mods for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Te Best Cydia Tweaks For Your iPad

There are tweaks in Cydia that are iPad-specific or that look best on the larger screen of the iPad. Here are the best ones we think you would like.


Just like in the case of desktop computers, Quasar will let you have multiple applications on the same screen, all this without the need to switch between them. Quasar is practically a window manager that will open up applications in several opened windows so you can work with all of them at the same time on the large screen of your iPad. The tweak only works on an iPad.


When using the Emblem tweak, notifications will stack in the corner of your screen and you get to swipe through them. They can be dismissed by dragging notifications directly off the screen.

RetinaPad and FullForce

Not all apps have been yet optimized for the large screen of the iPad. This is why there are tweaks in Cydia that will try to enable Retina Display in apps that have support for it on the iPad. This is where RetinaPad comes in. FullForce will instead force apps to go into a full screen mode even if they were developed for the smaller screens of the iPhone or iPod Touch.

SplitMail for iPad

What this tweak does is force the browsing experience you have with the Mail app in landscape mode on the portrait mode of the iPad.

Fullscreen For iPad

This tweak from Cydia will bring true fullscreen functionality to Safari. You will be able to browse web pages in full screen mode and – besides that – add multitouch experience to Safari. Fullscreen for iPad brings three-finger gestures, three-finger tabs, shake and much more to your iPad.