Best 10 iPhone Ringtone Apps

There are numerous Application categories available in the app store that are appreciated either for making our lives easier or for their wonderful user interface. The ringtones apps section is no exception and many of the app featured in the App store have indeed a very well designed user interface and remarkable usability. Since with the iPhone there are virtually no choices regarding factory personalization except the color, it is natural that people try to stand out from the crowd and make their device more personal. There is nothing more confusing than the standard iPhone ringtone options.

Just like you imagined there are hundreds of iPhone ringtone apps available out there and that is why we decided to present you the ones that we tested and feature a very attractive user interface and pack a lot of functionality. It is also important to tell you from the start that each iPhone ringtone app that we tested and will present to you costs less than $1 so that the price tag won’t set you back from enjoying a good song as a your ringtone. Each and every one of these apps will make you able to create custom ringtones? for your iPhone?using your current music playlists or even record your own sounds.

How does an iPhone Ringtone app work?

As many of you well know, developers are not allowed to access the ringtone directory of the iPhone (a jailbreak is needed for that), many of the apps that will be presented below wew forced to stick to the same method for installing a new ringtone on your iPhone. And that is through an USB cable and of course the file sharing option in iTunes. You will have to save the file on let’s say your desktop then put it back again in the iTunes Ringtones section. Afterwards a simple sync between your iTunes and your iPhone will do the job and you’ll see the desired ringtones in your iPhone ringtone menu. There is no question about it, multiple steps make a poorer user experience but if you don’t want to jailbreak this is pretty much the only way. Some apps try to make the process more smooth by also adding a Dropbox option to their apps but this still isn’t a single step process.

Best iPhone Ringtone Apps

1. Ringtone Maker Pro – $0.99

The most interesting feature of this popular iPhone ringtone app would definitely be the option to change the speed of playback and even the pitch of your favorite songs therefore creating hilarious ringtones.? Just imagine what you can do with your favorite country songs by just increasing their playback speed. It is just my opinion or this could be the birth of a club dance song by increasing the playback speed of country song? Enjoy!

The app has other handy options that will help you customize your ringtones and make it stand out from the crowd. The UI is very nice, clean and easy to navigate. We strongly recommend to give it a try. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.

RingTone Maker Pro Best 10 iPhone Ringtone Apps

2.Ringtone Designer Pro – $0.99

With this app, creating a iPhone ringtone could not get any easier. You will have to just select the song you like best, then select the ringtone length by swiping your finger on the audio wave and you are all set to go. Personally I would have to state that this is one of the best iPhone ringtone app that I have ever tested, and this is why I am also sticking to it. If you want to create a custom ringtone for your iPhone using a song from your media library you will have to drag the slider bar on the song waveform and select the exact song portion you wish to hear when you are getting a call. You also have the option to record your own sounds. The UI is kept clean and very responsive. Great ringtone app overall.

Ringtone Designer Pro Best 10 iPhone Ringtone Apps

3.Ringtone Maker Pro (by Mobile17) – $0.99

Mobile17 designed this ringtone app on the award-winning web service platform probably most of you were accustomed to. With this app you will be able to choose between most popular online user-generated ringtones and your own creations. It is very simple all you have to do is drag and drop and your custom iPhone ringtone will be ready in no time. The UI is thrills the eye with beautiful light colors. Play the song, then drag the cursor to set the end of the ringtone. The new thing that this ringtone app features is the possibility to see the start times other users have chosen for their ringtone on the same song. This can come very handy when you want to create a ringtone very fast and don’t have time for song playback.

Ringtone Maker Pro 2 Best 10 iPhone Ringtone Apps

4. Create Ringtones – Free

With Create Ringtones creativity is born. I am sure many of you are very bored with hearing the same ringtones created using the same songs ( I’m sexy and I know it, fits very well here). Use the Create Ringtones app and record your own original ringtone!

If you are a fan of the Ringtone Designer Pro but you feel like you could use more features this app is for you. If we give it a little more thought this app may be the most versatile of its kind. The user interface is remarkable well-built, it is packed with features and last but not least the app comes free of charge! Give it a try!

Create Ringtones Best 10 iPhone Ringtone Apps


5. Ringtone HD – $.0.99

Besides choosing a song and converting it into an iPhone ringtone with this cool app you can use its built-in HD Voice Recording feature which converts your live audio talents into custom-made ringtones. You can also use different ringtones for different contacts easily knowing who is calling you without having to check the phone screen.

The graphic which displays wavelengths are very accurate and those who work in the field will be very pleased. When the ringtone starts and ends can be easily set so you can enjoy your favorite song as iPhone ringtone in no time.

Ringtone HD Best 10 iPhone Ringtone Apps

6. DIY Ringtones – $0.99

If you are a professional and know a thing or two about music conversion and wavelengths this app is the perfect choice. The app easily maintains the song quality and bit rate without having to compress it or modify it in any way. Enjoy high quality ringtones using DYI Ringtone app.

The user interface is very easy to use, and offers many customization options like setting your own background image. You are in total control of the fade and speed of your ringtone, features that bring this app a huge plus.

DIY Ringtone Best 10 iPhone Ringtone Apps

7. Dring – $0.99

Dring is one of the best iPhone ringtone apps we’ve tested. You will ask why. The beautiful UI coupled with unique features like mixing voice recordings with songs from your playlists make it a unique. Add a little fun when you create custom ringtones on your iPhone!

You don;t have to be an artist to love the colors the user interface was blessed with. The mix between realistic figures and cartoons makes one of the best user experience. In the same time like I mentioned above it is one of the few apps that let’s you mix personal recorded sounds with music tracks.

Dring Best 10 iPhone Ringtone Apps

8. Ringtone Wizard Pro – $0.99

With Ringtone Wizard Pro comes precision. You wish to cut 0,2 seconds from your favorite song and make it a ringtone? It is possible! Want to increase your song initial volume up to 200% and hear you phone ringing even in the most crowded subways? It is possible!

Although very similar to other iPhone ringtone apps we have tested it has some personal features that deserve to give them a try.

Ringtone Wizard Best 10 iPhone Ringtone Apps


9. Mega Ringtone – Free

Easy to use, fast creation process and a good taste user interface landed the Mega Ringtone app on our top 10 list. Options like Fade-In or Out are available so as voice recording. Since it is free, I don’t see why you wouldn’t give it a try to tell us what you think!

Mega Ringtone Best 10 iPhone Ringtone Apps


10. Ringtone Remix Pro

Last but not least comes the Ringtone Remix Pro app. Remember the DropBox option we have discussed earlier. Here you will find it. Faster ringtone transfer and a lot of features are the words that best describe this beautiful app. The DropBox feature lets you wirelessly transfer you ringtones after you have finished editing them on you Mac or PC in no time. With a nicely designed?user interface that is virtually idiot proof Ringtone Remix Pro deserves its place in our top 10 best iPhone ringtone apps list.

Ringtone Remix Pro Best 10 iPhone Ringtone Apps

Which One Have You Tried?

We have tested over 40 different iPhone ringtone app and only 10 made it on our list. Among other things, when we made this list, we considered the price (in this case under $1), feature diversity and their usability so as quality of the UI.

Do you use other iPhone ringtone apps and you are very satisfied with them? Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment and suggest us what we missed to review!