AppleCare + Warranty for the Apple Watch to Cost up to $999

applecare 2 400x250 AppleCare + Warranty for the Apple Watch to Cost up to $999

Sources in Apple have found out the price of an extended Apple Watch warranty. According to MacRumors, the warranty service for the most expensive model of the Apple Watch Edition will be $999 worth.

Apple offers the buyers of iPhone, iPad and Mac the option to extend the period of warranty of the products from a standard one to a three-year plan. The option is called AppleCare, which is a special contract extending the computer?s warranty to three years and providing 90 days of free telephone technical support.

However, this service does not apply to devices which have got damage of mechanical or any other type. For instance, if you drop your iPhone into water, a special indicator inside the case will show the contact with liquid. In the Apple Service Center, they will refuse to repair the smartphone under warranty referring to the moisture sensor, as wet devices are not covered by the program.

applecare 1 728x562 AppleCare + Warranty for the Apple Watch to Cost up to $999

Apple offers their customers to forget about the problem by presenting a special plan AppleCare+. The program fully covers accidental damage done to a gadget, including that caused by moisture. The company will fix it for a small charge.

According to information available, the extended warranty for the Apple Watch Sport in an aluminum case will be priced at $59. The same service for the stainless steel version of the Apple Watch will cost you $79. The warranty for the Apple Watch Edition is surely the most expensive. AppleCare+ for this modification at the cost of $15,990 will set you back $999. You can subscribe to the extended warranty within 60 days from the day of the smart watch purchase.