Apple Will Release Its Own iRadio Service This Summer

Apple Radio Apple Will Release Its Own iRadio Service This Summer

During the last period we kept hearing rumors regarding the launch of Apple’s new iRadio Service, which is similar to the Pandora streaming service. The last rumors we heard, placed the iRadio launch at the beginning of 2013, but so far, everything is silent. Some say that the launch has been postponed by Apple due to some disagreements the executives had over the label.

Related to this subject, The Verge released an article in which they mention that Apple’s streaming service, the so-called iRadio hasn’t been put on the production line yet. This article is making a review over the state of the current music industry, and tells us about the way Pandora deals with the business pattern they use. In the same article, the Verge stated that Apple is trying hard to release the iRadio this very summer.

As we could find out from the above mentioned article, Apple has made a huge progress concerning the streaming service, and they have reached the point where they have to decide between the labels Universal and Warner. Considering these new statements, we have no more doubts concerning the upcoming release of the iRadio, and the best thing is that we’re going to enjoy it this year for sure.

If we take a look behind, we can actually connect the dots and reach the same conclusion- that the iRadio is coming. We need to mention here, 9To5Mac‘s report from February, in which they tell us that they had stumbled on some radio buttons hidden in the iOS 6.1 firmware, and the report published by The New York Post, at the beginning of March in which they highlighted Apple’s negotiations with the labels.? We actually found out from this last report that Apple is willing to pay to the labels only 6 cents per 100 streamed songs (half of what Pandora is currently paying).

As you have expected, the label executives are not very pleased with this price. Knowing that Apple is trying to promote with the help of the iRadio, the iAd advertising platform they have, the labels want to get a cut of the advertising income as well. But, thanks to the people at The Verge, we now know for sure that Apple is very close to seal the deal with Universal and Warner. If this happens, then we are definitely going to enjoy the iRadio this summer.

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