Apple May Use Curved Glass For Manufacturing The iWatch

iWatch Glass Apple May Use Curved Glass For Manufacturing The iWatch

We`ve searched around in the last few days, to find out something new that might rise your interest. It seems like there are not so many talks about Apple`s iWatch lately, but as always we found out about some new mockups of this product.We must thank to the United Kingdom`s newspaper – The Guardian, for letting us know enough details about these mockups. They made our day easier with this info, and with all the useful things that we could find by reading their article.

As we could understand directly from the report of Jean-Louis Gass?e, who is the Apple`s former executive, the iWatch is seen more like a private computer, and less like a smart watch with a turn. The info concerning this product, also came from Bloomberg, which let us know that Apple takes this new project very seriously. They have a 100 engineer team, which gathers the most talented people, for making this project work as best as possible. Even like that, rumors tell that Apple had an advantage with this project from the start, due to the already existing technology in the original Dick Tracy`s watch. If you didn`t know this aspect, Apple accepted the Dick Tracy watch, which made some obvious improvements concerning the hi-tech curved glass, an improved voice recognition software and also a low-priced sensor.

If you pay attention to the picture we`ve posted above, you will be able to see a mockup of the new Apple iWatch. This picture shows exactly that the curved glass of the Apple`s? iWatch, is the same you can see on Corning`s new revealed Willow Glass.

Even if the Willow Glass, which is now bendable, is pretty easy to use, we’re not sure that goes the same way for the Retina display or for the location services ( we refer here to both the resource hogs and the power).For those of you who didn`t know, Corning is one of the most significant Apple suppliers, its employees manufacture in New York and Kentucky, most of the glass needed for iPhone production.As far as we know, the glass produced by Corning is one of the best on the market in the present moment, due to it`s resistance. The new Willow Glass used on iWatch is not only the strongest one, but it`s also flexible and slender enough to make it perfect for sensitive wearable devices.

The promo clip we refer to, promotes benefits that come from using glass for a substrate, such as mechanical reliability (uses roll-to-toll process) and how the manufacturing process becomes cost-efficient.

Gass?e, thinks that the new Apple iWatch would open new paths in the area of personal computing, and that it will probably be the most private PC we saw until now.

We will wait and see if all these rumors will become real.