Apple Close To Signing Universal&Warner For Its iRadio Service

Apple iRadio1 400x250 Apple Close To Signing Universal&Warner For Its iRadio Service

iRadio, the common vernacular for Apple’s long rumored streaming-and-maybe-subscription music service, is once again in the headlines this week, this time thanks to a report claiming music giants Universal and Warner are close to join the show.

You have probably heard of the iRadio service which is has been in the top of news when it comes to Apple’s streaming and?possibly?subscription. This time it came in the news with the report which claims that both music “stars” Universal and Warner have almost closed the deal and are close to signing in. Greg Sandoval from the Verge wrote on this subject and his conclusion was that Apple is expected to sign the internet radio licensing agreement next week, as more than one source who is implied in the situation confirmed. According to Greg Sandoval, the status with both companies is very advanced, as the Universal Music Group has already reached the final stages and the Warner Music is almost ready to sign.

On the other hand, Sony is not that far with the?negotiations. The iRadio service is a very expected one and talked upon at every Apple event. Also, rumors have appeared on this subject and they seem to confirm that the service might be really?happening?as in be functional soon. The most important factor will be the money, as Apple did not manage to get the prices down as expected.

Still, the question is how will Apple launch the iRadio type service. This question raises as there is already the iTunes March music locker service, which helps the user store his local music in the cloud and then stream it; also it gives the?possibility?of?re-downloading?up to 10 devices.

Maybe the iRadio service will have a radio playlist, as Pandora has or will it have a streaming service or will it surprise our expectations and come up with something entirely new?

What would you expect from the iRadio? And would you be happy with the iRadio integrated in the iOS 7?