A Television Commercial has been Filmed for the iPhone 6 Not Yet Announced [video]

A presentation of the new smartphone from Apple, which will have a larger screen, is expected In September. Meanwhile the SET, an Italian design studio, has created a concept of the infomercial, which gives an idea of ??the capabilities of the future novelty from Apple. The slogan of the iPhone 6 is “Do everything everywhere in the best way.”

Within the promo video presented, the iPhone 6 features a large ultra slim screen “edge to edge” its measurement is not specified. The authors of the ad think that Apple device will provide the ability to send content from one iPhone to another with a simple swipe gesture.

“Do everything everywhere in the best way” – this is the slogan of the new iPhone 6. We decided to shoot a TV commercial for the device ? it?s simple, clean and stylish, recreating the atmosphere of the Apple videos. The concept of the iPhone 6 incorporated all the latest rumors from the web, “- said the video description.

In March, the same designers showed the concept of the iPhone 6 with a holographic screen. The device comes with laser projectors that can display more screens over the desktop. As the designers say, the virtual desktops display an image which quality is comparable to the one of the main screen and allow for more convenient use of multiple applications. Of course, the device presented in the new video is more down to earth, though visually slightly larger than the iPhone 6 prototypes shown recently.

Source: macdigger.ru